Consul Report


Consul Report

Taldryan CON Report 11-30-03

Well I hope all the American’s out there had a good Thanksgiving, I know I did. And for all you non-American’s out there…I hope you had a good weekend! So I installed a wireless router at my house this weekend, and it worked perfectly except that I could not access YahooMail! So now that I’ve sorted out the 70 emails waiting for me, I’m ready to write my report. So here we go!

DB News

-If you have received a Clan Name Award, it will be added to your GoA (and eventually to your dossier, once some things get recoded). To have it added to your GoA, email Mejas telling him that the clan name is “Taldrya” and to use the Clan logo I sent him!

-The Combat Master has started a new type of cooperative ACC competition, the “Challenge of Ashvroth”. It’s a great idea, and four Taldryan members (and two ex-Tal members) have already signed up for it! So if you’re a Learner or higher in the ACC, go read about the Competition here:

Then find a partner and start writing!

-Trev has rewritten the section of the Dark Side Compendium regarding Orders, it’s a great rewrite and I recommend you all go check it out here:

-The Krath Monthly Topics for November are “Turning Points” and “The Prophecy”, see for all the details. There is the “Character development competition, details also available on!

-The ACC is running smoothly!! To go check it out and get started on participation, go to I’m a member, so if you join you will be able to fight me!!

-There is an open Multiplayer competition every Tuesday in #gmrg from 2-10pm EST. All platforms are used and CFs will be awarded!!

-Every Thursday night in #obelisk there is the “Thursday Night Bash” multiplayer event, from 6-10pm EST, all platforms are accepted, CFs will be awarded!

-Interclub Training Nights will be held every Saturday, at 4pm, in #Outerrim, all multiplayer platforms are accepted, CFs will be awarded, get out there and represent Taldryan!

-For more news you know where to go, the Main DB News page, found at:

Taldryan News

-Not too much Clan news this week, since most people (including me) where gone most of the week for Thanksgiving!

-As you all probably read in the email I sent out, there is a new Clan-wide competition, the “Headquarters Design” comp. You can find all the details here:

-Some good news for all you JO players our there, I have purchased a 12-person JO server and it is now up and running! The IP Address is “, and the Password is “Talpwnz”, get out there and play!


KP Octavian from Rogues to Ektrosis

ACO Fet'ai'narun from Satel Keto to Ektrosis

NOV dark savior from Rogues to Archanis

APP Stryke Lin to Ektrosis

APP Dask_k to Archanis

Four new and one returning member!


Dark Sabre – Dark Cross, Cluster of Fire (4), Crescent (3)

Awarded for: JA WoW, Run on comp, CHANs Birthday comp

Mordin – Cluster of Fire

Awarded for: Tuesday Showdown

Xuthen – Crescent

Awarded for: CHANs Birthday Comp

Great job Dark Sabre and others on your medals!


JH Mal’ari’carun to DJK

PRT Astnagrath to GRD

APP Stryke Lin to NOV

APP Quarmador to NOV

Congrats on your promotions guys!

-If you ever need to see an old CON report, all of mine are up on!

That’s all for this week, as always if you have any questions/comments/just want to talk, feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or just go onto IRC, I’m logged on quite often!

Cohors Praetoria Taldryan – Mordin and Fire-Knight

Dark Brotherhood –

Clan Taldryan -

Antei Combat Center –

Message Boards -

Shadow Academy -

Dark Side Compendium -

KE Kir Katarn Taldrya (Krath)/CON/Clan Taldryan [ACC:F]



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