Consul Report


Consul Report

Welcome Brothers and Sisters to another report from your Consul.

Last week I missed on (semi) pourpose my report as I was waiting important updates from Jac but he suddedly gone onleave leaving me without anything and now I'm going without him about one or two issues.

The last two weeks has seen some important events in the clan, first of all two of our clansmen has recived the highest honor a member of a clan can achieve, the lastname of the Clan. That may seems trivial for some of you, and expecially for apprentices and novicies BUT this is INDEED the highest honor you'll be ever able to achieve. Exar Khaland and Jonaleth Isradia, for their longstanding effort and work for the clan were found worthy of that honor and are even since known with the last name Kunar as to remind our legacy with Exar Kun, arguable the most powerfull Dark Lord of the Sith ever.


A story about the ceremony will be released to the whole clan as soon as my trustworthy PCON Gilkane finish the last touches here and there.

As you all know we are in dire need of both leaders and members, expecially for the Siths, and following this I chose to close (for now) House Korriban and have all it's members moved into house Ziost that will became an orderless house under the leadership of Khaland. He's an experienced Obelisk and Sith and he's the best person to fulfill this role. So, for now on all members of House Korriban must refer to him for everything. Congratulation Khaland.

I'll be onleave for few days next week because I'll be spending few days in Barcelona and I won't be reachable from the 5th to the 8th of Dicember.

There are some minor updates from around the DB but I suggest everyone to check and duble check teh DB site and MB for more clear and dettailed informations.

In Darknesssss


SWL Khan (Sith)/CON/Clan Exar Kun[KSOE: KC2]



" The Power tires only those who do not have it. " Giulio Andreotti, former Italian Prime Minister.

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