Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

It has been a 'filling' week for me :) I had two Thanksgiving dinners to attend and didn't have to cook anything for either one. I just showed up, ate food, sat around and talked then left. It was an interesting time to say the least. No sleep on my part, fires, hot wax everywhere, ahh Thanksgiving with family.

Phyle happenings and gossip!!

One note here, yes Storm Entar did leave us. It was mostly my telling him that if he didn't want to be active in the phyle then he should leave. He took it to heart but not before others came to understand his personality. If you'd like more info on what happened I'll be more than happy to fill you in with everything I know.

Ok now to get typing!

Dranik was giving not one but two promotions!! Both came from our elusive house summit and both on the same day. He also got a boat load of medals last week. Three Sapphire stars, one Ruby star, one Cluster of Fire, and one Star of Antei. Boy you are going to have enough medals to make your own SSD by the time next week rolls around :) Dranik also passed the IRC Channel Operator study.

Anshar also got a few awards. These two guys played in the WoW a bunch so they were well awarded. Anshar got a Cluster of Fire, a Sapphire star, and a Dark Cross. He will be getting a Topaz star for taking second place in the phyle competition. Well done and thank you for all your hard work. Both of you.

Me? Oh I finally got off my butt and passed a few SA courses. Got a few medals and what not. Seems like there is an ebb and flow of medals. Oh just so that if there is anyone who didn't hear my many annoucements, my email has changed to the one I've sent this report through. ^.^

Special Announcement!!!

Here is something I will be enacting. Make sure you read this over and if you have any questions or comments feel free to voice them.

The reason why the Wizards of the Crypt failed is because of inactivity. Some members had been gone for weeks and some just did not put anything into the phyle. As I have been watching everyone's activity within this new phyle I have begun to notice the same thing happening.

Phyles are a place for active people to compete with other active people. It is a way to stay active within the house and clan plus it's a good way to make friends. The only way a battle team works is through the efforts of its active members.

So I feel it necessary to save this phyle from the pits of inactivity by invoking an activity awol check. If a member does not participate in anything within the phyle for a period of two months they will be expelled from the phyle and not allowed in until after they have proven themselves active within the house. If members need to be on leave then that will be accounted for only if the leave is for more than two weeks. Also if for any reason a competition is not provided for at least two weeks within those two months then the awol will be waived.

I have been working hard for you all to provide easy little 10 minute competitions every week. All I am asking is for you all to participate in one competition every two months. I do not think that is unfair in the least bit. This will begin the first full week of January.

I did talk this over with Sith for a bit and he had no fusses with it. I will keep a good record of everyone and I hope that after I am gone this will be upheld.

Competition stuffs!!

The third segment of the character development competition has been out. I updated the website for that.

We finally have a house competition out. I'd like to see much participation in this one as it would probably only take no more than a half hour to do and we have a whole month to do it in. I'll be updating the website for that one.

Don't forget the Keepers competition that our CON, Sith, has out. Details have been up on the gasp website.

Now for your weekly competition. I decided to do one this week to give Anshar and Dranik a break from having to think up competitions. Why isn't anyone else participating in this?

Title: Das Book

You've found a book in the library that wasn't there before. It becons you to pick it up. Describe this book and the dark magic held within.

Can be as long as you want and is due in by Midnight EST Saturday. Details will be posted on the website.

Question of the week.

How many email programs do I have?

An now for your moment of blissful zen.

Silence grips the halls of Gladius. As you walk down the stoney hallway you can't even hear your own footfalls. You wonder why as you continue to walk down the hall. Suddenly you bump into a door and it opens slightly. You peek in to see the AED sitting behind her desk with a glowing ball in front of her. You see the sound waves of the door creaking open flowing right into the ball. Aari just sits behind it and smiles evily. You decide it best to move on.

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