Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Ahhhh yes... the thing I wanted to avoid by avoiding positions. Reports. Avoiding them why? Mostly because I either have nothing or too much to report. This one falls under the latter category. And while mit is long, it would be very good if everyone would be reading it, because it touches stuff that you will need about and probably have not heard of yet.

New Envoy

First off all, asides of the promotions being going on lately, we also have a new Clan Envoy - DJK Phoenix. I'm sure he'll do a good job.

New Members

Then, we have two new members, as our HAD RM already mentioned - Apprentice Luciar and Epis Numaril Asfågeln. Welcome.

New HAD Quaestor

Numaril applied for QUA, too. And to no big suprise, he got the job. I know him since a while and I am more than sure he will do a good job with the House. Seems we are going to get somewhere. Everyone in HAD and outside, help him out if needed, and BE ACTIVE.

Activity other than mail and IRC and position work that I know of

Aklen - passed Sith Core with a score of 91.Well done!

Revenge X - MSN Messenger passed, don’t have the percentage though, sorry. Well done. Promotion achieved as per SA rules.

Voldemort – JO MP games, mainly SOAW and ICTE

Arania (wow, that’s me) – SOAW and ICTE as well.

Sorry to anyone I might have missed. I only recently got all the info directly.

Upcoming changes

As some other Clans before us, we’ll merge Sith and Obelisk Houses. This means that there will be a shared summit. As of now, since Dorimad Sol has a summit, this summit will stay and Caliburnus will be merged into Dorimad Sol. I am not liking to close Caliburnus, and this doesn’t mean it will be closed forever. But for now, it is an organisational must for us.

As for the Clan as such, as long as it has as few members as we do, especially regarding activity, we will not be using House mailing lists any longer (stopped using them a while ago actually) and concentrate on the Clan list to both know each other better and to be aware what everyone else is doing.

As for organisational matters, we’ll treat the Clan as a big House. This bascially means that if you hold a competition, it will be for the whole Clan to encourage activity. Reports go to the whole Clan, too. If you want a Padawan/Apprentice or a Master, you can search in the whole Clan, although it is encouraged that you search in your own House first. Quaestors still have all the authority they have in other Clans of course. Also, you still need to keep the chain of command. Something your QUA can solve doesn’t need to go to the Clan summit.

We are thinking of doing away with Aediles at the moment, until we have more members, but since DS has an AED, it isn’t something we are in a hurry with right now.

As for the Master-Apprentice stuff, Numaril will probably be the one coordinating this, if he wants to, since his application included some ideas for it. You will hear more about it when it’s ready 

Activity aka competitions to be done

Top Priority, aka, will end soon and I wanna see some entries from this Clan:

1) Monthly topic, hosted by Kaiann. "60 minutes."

There are developments that take months and years, but there are also those moments where an hour is all it takes to make you a different person.

Write about such an hour that affected your character. A short introduction to establish the setting and/or an afterword to tie up a loose end are legitimate, but you should visually separate it from the

main story. The event depicted in that one hour is up to you, it could be something you did or something that happened to you.

Length requirement: 2 pages minimum, not counting the intro and afterword. Intro and Afterword should be a maximum of half a page each.

Entries to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] in .txt or .doc format by 31st Dec.

2) Monthly Topic hosted by Tiss. "Antei Archaeology"

With the recent arrival of the Dark Brotherhood on Antei, and the subsequent building of the Great Hall, many objects have been uncovered that obviously belonged to the people who had once lived on this planet years ago. With most, only a shard or a small piece remain to suggest what it may have been, but a number have been recovered intact.

Your task:

Find random artifact, (official DB artifact, or made up by yourself). Use it's name as the title of a haiku poem. (i.e. "Ring of Wisdom", "Emerald Orb" etc.) In your poem describe that artifact, discuss the way you found it or whatever you would like to write about it, but it must focus on the artifact.

If you are not aware of how to write Haiku, check it out in Poetry Course notes, available in Shadow Academy.

Entries to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] in .txt or .doc by 31st Dec.

3) Something more from Kaiann - Test of Kill

There are some members of the Brotherhood who have made failing Shadow Academy tests into an art. Now it's your turn to show you can do even better. Your task:

Choose any test from the SA and fail it in the most creative way possible. Be funny, sarcastic, ingenious, all but correct.

Needs to be in by 3rd of January, so do it, it's real fun. I will.

4) Aaaaand another one of Kaiann - One for a Million

George Lucas just had his generous day, it being christmas and all. He gave you one million dollars. Yes, one million in hard cash. Except, there was a catch to it: You must use this money to give members of the Brotherhood gifts. Any members except yourself. And at least 10 of them, including at least 2 from the DC.

Of course at this point, you consider the fact that unwanted presents just MIGHT come back and you get part of the loot after all.

So what are you waiting for ? Get in the spirit of giving and give your fellow Dark Jedi the most unwanted items you can think of for a million dollars!

Again, this is fun, and everyone can do it, not much work. I'll do it for sure. Needs to be in 3rd as well.

5) From Mav this time - Top 10 Dark Jedi New Year Resolutions.

Every Dark Jedi knows that a new year is a new start, a new beginning, and a time to make resolutions that they may or may not keep. Since the New Year is fast approaching, many Dark Jedi have already started making resolutions. What are the top 10 Dark Jedi New Years resolutions that you've heard?

Obviously, I don't expect you guys to have actually "heard" any of these... so just make up a top 10 list of Dark Jedi New Years Resolutions and email me them. I'll judge them and announce the winners the week after New Years.

In an attempt to get lower ranked members involved in this easy competition, I'm going to be giving two sets of crescents: One for members under Jedi Hunter, and one for members at or above Dark Jedi Knight. In other words, we'll have 2 1st place winners, 2 2nd place Winners, and 2 3rd place winners.

This needs to be in by 6th of January. You guessed it, I'll do it. My non-english speaking son intends to do it as well btw, and if he can so can you! I'd really like to see many entries from you here.

High Priority, aka, doesn't end as soon but not an awful long time away until it has to be done either:

1) Capital Gains.

I've sent the info about this recently. Now, I am aware that not all of you might have had time to read through this, but please do and participate. This is important for the Clan. If you have any questions, ask, but don't let a bit of confusion stop you from doing it. It is a lot simpler than it looks.

Ongoing Competitions, aka either every week or ending date somewhen in the future:

1) ICTE – you all know the deal, Saturdays, same time same place, show up, play.

2) SOAW - If you own one of the Jedi Knight games and don’t know about it yet, go check it out. Yes, a very important comp, because... err... well, I host it. Nah, really, it’s fun. Go try it.

3) Tuesday Showdown – you should all know the deal by now, too. If not, go here for the details -

4) Thusday Bash – this is a basically dead comp, so I asked Khobai if I could get the slot. He didn’t mind. So in the new year, this will be the main meeting place to play SOAW games, everything else stays the same.

5) Blood Rites: The Obelisk Supremacy War. Info can be found at I am aware that, since for some complicated reason this is Obelisk only, probably only one or two people, if that much, will be able to do it. But try anyway. If not, then not, I won’t be angry. But we used to have a good Obelisk House and maybe if the summit would get playing again, the rest would, too :o)

Upcoming Competitions:

1) Sith Top Gun

Back in the golden days of Brotherhood Sith some select few were given the title of Sith Top Gun. These few afforded this title were the Masters of Dogfighting for the brotherhood. Once again a call has come for such a champion to emerge. This competition which has come only a few times in brotherhood history affords a chance for a new Sith to earn the title of Top Gun

Basic Bracket MP competition

The usual 5/5 rules apply using whichever platform bracket signed up for. Players may be in more then one platform competition.

Double elimination

Last Sith may get to face a former Sith Top Gun and claims a title of Sith Top Gun.

All interested in joining need to sign up for placement on the brackets. E-mail [Log in to view e-mail addresses] with your name, rank, pin, and platform(s) you which to participate in

I’m not sure if this is Sith only, it sounds so though it should not be. I’ll find out.

I hope everyone of you will have a smooth transition into the new year. Don’t get too wasted, you’ll need your brain for some competitions, hehe.

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