Consul Report


Consul Report

Greetings all,

Nothing much to report about with every one practically on leave... including myself! :P

Only so much Kirleta's gaming server (check for details) supports JA too now. so you might want to try it out.

All Obelisk wake up the "Blood Rites", a competition brought to you by the obelisk headman himself, basically determines which house gets braging rights about being first obelisk house of the DB and i can bet you want that to be Kirleta. and a nice touch is that you are not lmited to the SW games either! :)

Unfortunatly it is obelisk only :/ Talk about removing order restrictions...

Last but not least do not forget the second part of the capital gains competition by Mav, i forwarded all of you that mail a week or more ago. Basically each one of you shold write a story on how we came into the possesion of these craft and send it to mav before the deadline.

This means each and every one of you can and should take part. it is not a clan based thing withone story to go out, so you might think you can skip it cause others will do it. If you do something good YOU will get a nice reward!

That be all for now!

SO Gord Darkonian (Sith)/CON/Clan Satal Keto



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