Headmaster Report... in the making!


Headmaster Report... in the making!

I'd like to apologize for my lack of report yesterday. My cable modem died, and I have company from out of town this weekend.

Everything will be worked out between Sunday and Tuesday. I'll continue to try and clean up mail, so keep it coming.

Also, thanks to all members in leadership positions who provided me with much-needed feedback on the Shadow Academy.

Obelisk Battlelord Mage
Headmaster of the Shadow Academy

You forgot to teach your friday at 8pm JK class also. I wanted you to teach me how to be 1337 at JK2, but you never showed up.

My apologies, Khobai. For one, if you read the up-to-date class listings on the Dark Brotherhood message board, you would know that my class is currently unavailable.

In addition, the fact that my internet died (Satan lives within the power supply of all cable modems, I swear) should have made my absence fairly justified.

I should be back in full operation shortly, and thank everyone who has kept me on track during this time. There's actually been a lot more going on in my house and my mind than I care to admit, and the Dark Brotherhood has been the victim of these circumstances.

Thanks folks,
- Mage

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