Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

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Fleshy's Rip-Off of The Weekly Jac

<!--QUOTE--> "In all, I've had seventeen demands for your badge. Some want parts of your body attached. Why did you have to upset everyone?" "I suppose it's a knack, sir." -Lord Vetinari and Commander Vimes, Discworld Novels

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Well, I've been gone for ahwile. Not necessarily absent from approving medals, but my actual presence on IRC and such has been absent due to the holidays and lack of my own computer to use up until now; however, I'm back at school now (The Ohio State University), so I'm planning on being around a lot more. I've had some high medals come my way lately, and they are currently under review for approval, so if they are yours, please be patient while I ask some people about them so I can come to the best decision regarding the medals. Also, as Goatham mentioned in his report, the Medal of Tactics is currently under review as to how to best be used, so feel free to send either me or him commentary on how you feel it should be used in the future.


<font face="Arial" color="FFFFFF" size="1"> <!--ANNOUNCEMENT FOUR--> Clarification for Everyone</font>
<font face="Arial" color="FFFFFF" size="2"> Well, I'm going to try to do this politely due to a reaction I got recently to a medal denial. First off, I want to tell everyone that I don't just absent-mindedly approve medals by clicking an "Approve" button all day long, and I don't arbitrarily deny medals just so it looks like I'm paying attention. Usually when I deny a merit medal in the lower tier, it's for a pretty small reason that can be easily corrected, resubmitted, and approved. For higher medals, which I consider Grand Cross and above, I usually do a multitude of things to check the medal reccomendation before approving it. These include things such as checking when the person was last recognized for their efforts, asking pertinent people about the things the individual has done to warrant the medal, checking to see if multiple reccomendations exist, and checking if the medal has GM or DGM approval. If these don't check out, I deny the medal. Usually, this isn't the case, but occasionally, it is. When I do deny a medal, people, of course, have every right to e-mail me and ask why (the reason is usually included when I deny it in the comments field), or to question the denial and press me for further details.

Getting to my clarification section, though - I do not appreciate being yelled at or told what I can or can't do (basically, I was told that I couldn't deny a medal at all - if the individual who argued with me wanted to award a medal, "SO BE IT"). My job as Chancellor of the Brotherhood gives me the right to approve or deny medals - that is the main part of my job. Just because you have the ability to reccomend a medal does not mean I have to approve it.

I <font color="red">LIKE</FONT COLOR> giving medals, though. I don't deny medals for fun or to make it hard on people. Ultimately, my decisions to award or deny medals are subjective - there is no set criteria for me to follow, beyond what the DSC states. Things like "...over time, contributed to the growth and functionality..." or "...does not render recognition until seen as a whole," aren't the most concrete things to go on. So yes, occasionally, I will also make mistakes when I approve and deny medals; I'm sorry, but I'm only human. In those cases, I appreciate being told, and you will get a much better response from me if you don't yell and scream at me like I'm trying to steal a medal from you. <!--END ANNOUNCEMENT FOUR-->


The Sithlet


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I remember some clowns pulled that with me when I was CHAN. As I recall, they got their medal recommendation access suspended for a week.

I agree with everything Flechy said, as that was pretty much my policy when I was CHAN. Flech has done a fantastic job as Chancellor and I hope he keeps at it.

Bah, who ever yelled at Flech for doing his job, and doing it well I might add, is an idiot and deserves to be publicly tortured. Belzy you can have that job if you want, with Oberst in assistance. I think that would be amusing to watch....

Aww.. Flechy, we love you all. Don't mind the morons.

Hey Flechy, you're so fine! You're so fine you blow my mind! Hey Flechy! gey Flechy!

Yeah, no yelling at Flechy!

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