Emissary Report


Emissary Report

The Assembly has only convened once since Christmas and my return from death's door (not really but the flu is quite nasty). Discussions continue on a number of subjects, but so far no projects that involve the Assembly of Consuls have been undertaken. Therefore, I urge all to submit ideas that you believe will benefit the entire Brotherhood to your Consul so that he/she may bring them before the Assembly.

With that said we shall now look back at one of the AoC's more recently completed projects the Clan Name/Title Award. For many this is an honorary name, yet it holds special meaning as well for with it you hold the title that can only belong to your clan.

At this time we would like to ask the membership to respect those who received the award by not using the name until they are properly awarded it. The names of course are:

  • Arconae

  • Kunar

  • Palpatine

  • Sadow

  • Satal

  • Taldrya

  • Tarentae

If the use of the names continue, we may have to make it so that certain names are off limits for last names - hopefully if won't come to that and we appreciate your compliance and cooperation in advance.

Once again submit ideas to your CON - who knows, if it gets used you might just get something in return.

The Emissary

Overlord Tron Sadow

No one wants to misuse Aquillarum!

Yeah and if anyone tries to mess with that, we'll come and spank you :o)

Did Palpatine have Scholae Palatinae? Why are we Palpatine?

Sorry. I'm not removing a name that I had on prior to these "rewards."

I agree he should not have to do that, after all, no one asked US about this. There wasn't a poll or anything, and it was know people had Clan names before.

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