Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

No fancy report from yours truly, just a little something or other to let you know I'm doing something. Basically, what I have done so far is get settled into the office. Already I have had several people approach me with some ideas, all of which I thought were very good. More on those at a later date.

The OHC Cup Returns

That's right, look for the return of the OHC Cup soon. I will have the details on it later on in the week.

Obelisk RoS

Khobai has assured me that the scores will be done soon. So as soon as I know something, you'll know something.

The Obelisk website will be recieving a face lift and a change of address just as soon as I can secure a domain. As soon as that happens I will throw it up on the news page for all to see. Anyway, yeah, that's my little blurb for the day.

OP Pimp Shaithis "Qiao Long" Var'rek (Obelisk)/OHC/Dark Council [ACC: PF] SB/GC/(SC-SoP)/DC-KC-O-CS-D/Cr-5D-5R-9A-3S-1E-1T/CF-BlF-RF-GF-PF-SF/DSS


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