Commander of the Guard Report


Commander of the Guard Report

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Yaaay news. I've been busy with alot of non-CoG related DB stuff, but I've managed to get a few things done. I have noticed however that weeks seem to be getting shorter :P Also, if there are any saber-creators out there...I have a design on mine, but just need someone who can make the graphic for it. Mail me if interested :)

*Grand Masters Royal Guard: *

The roster has stayed stable this week. Many of the GMRG members have been busy in the various MP events we currently have going on. However, both myself and my staff have been keeping an eye out for new members, and there are a few people that may be receiving a mail from me in a week or two. Also, I've decided on a few people to award the honorary rank of Praetorian to. I'll be mailing those people to see if they wish to receive the title. You get to participate in GMRG-related events, without having to keep up with the regular GMRG activity (a good deal :P) Arania is also looking into making GMRG-only nights, where we can train and just have some fun beating on eachother. Look out for that.

All information on both the guard and guilds can be found in the Dark Side Compendium. Everything is currently up-to-date, so please go here to find out more.

IGF Invitational

The IGF Invitational is over. Only 3 clubs actually participated in this tournament: Ourselves, the IGF and the RGF. Although we finished last of the three, I am extremely proud of the efforts given forth by our members. 8 players came out, for a total of 145 games! Great job to everyone who participated, especially to Dranik, Arania, Anshar and Dark Sabre who all had more than 20 games played! I have also heard some news about a CTF tournament, so be on the look out for that.


Managed to deal with some lingering issues for the guilds, so everything should be back up and running. I have also removed some of the guilds-to-be, since there has been no real change for them in quite some time. And although it isn't a guild, Mav is looking for people interested in Allegiance to mail him about it. I've done the training for Allegiance, and it's a damn fine game, especially for the price :P I also urge everyone to go to this MB topic and post a reply.

DB Player's Association (SWG) - [Log in to view e-mail addresses] (Up and running)

  • Haven't seen too much new from the messageboards, but alot of posts have been updated to account for increased skills from players. Other than that, everyone seems to be enjoying their lives in SWG far my greatly in RL :P For all the latest news, visit the DBPA messageboard here.

Diablo 2 - [Log in to view e-mail addresses] (Up and running)

  • Dranik has taken over the reigns of the Diablo 2 guild. His job will be to get those that are still active in the game together, and plan out the usual rounds of activites. I wish Dranik the best of luck!

WarCraft 3 - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

  • On it's last breath

Freelancer - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

  • Freelancer is similar to a regular space-flight sim, however, you only need a mouse and keyboard to play. A game that would utilize a good group of people. There has been a good deal of interest in starting this guild, which I am pleased to hear. I have also heard of a SW mod for it, which can be found here. I haven't tried it out as of yet, but I have heard some great things from it. Those who have already taken it up have said it is VERY addicting.


JO WoW is over, and the DJB managed to place this time around! We had 5 members come out, so I'd like to thank Kir, Phoenix, Lenzar, Pheniox and Dask. Great job! This week, for those who still play the game, JK WoW is on. All the details can be found here.

CoG Site:


Event Center

See above

**Weekly Competitions:

** I haven't been able to mail any of the competition hosts this week, but I do plan on doing so by the next report. I just wish to try and set up a standards for MP hosting, as well as submitting matches. Tissaya's new event went off without a hitch, and all the other events seem to be rolling along at a farily decent pace.

Inter-Club Training Event

Time: Saturday at 4pm EST

Place: #outerrim

Host: Mav

Space Jam

Time: Sunday from 1-5pm EST

Place: #sith

Host: Rekio

Moonelf's Quest

Time: Monday from 3-8pm EST

Place: #gmrg

Host: Tissaya

Tuesday Showdown

Time: Tuesday form 2-10pm EST

Place: #gmrg

Host: Halcyon/Lenzar

Thursday Bash

Time: Thursday from 6-10pm EST

Place: #gmrg

Host: Arania

Comment: Only guns to be used in JK/JO/JA matches

Battle of Antei

Time: Friday from 10am-5pm EST

Place: #sith

Host: Lenzar


T he Skills of a Warrior competition is still going strong (and will be for quite some time :P). I urge all Clan leaders to tell their members about this competition. It is a good way to be active and earn a CF if they have some free time and are bored. I have also heard of some problems with the competition (mostly because of downloading the maps and such). I will be seeing how we can resolve any of this. If anyone has any probelsm with this competition, please mail myself or Arania, and we shall try and address them. Also, I have a few other ideas that branch off from this competition. However, for all of the information, please go HERE. The website for this can be found at

Other Stuff:

I've managed to get a couple of ACC matches just have to wait for the others to post :P Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day :) Lyrics are below, and remember to get that comment in first. As an aside, all songs used are ones I actually enjoy :P

Lyrics of the Week: (Last week's winner: Bloodfyre)

I know who I am, but who are you?

You're not looking like you used to

You're on the other side of the mirror

So nothing's looking quite as clear

Thank you for turning on the lights

Thank you, now you're the parasite

I didn't think you had it in you

And now you're looking like I used to!

In darkness,

SO Halcyon (Sith)/COG/Dark Council [GMRG: CoG]

No Doubt - Sunday Morning

Halc, open applications for a Magistrate and give them the sole task of keeping your website up to date. It'd be a nice break for a Yeomanry somewhere and it would also help you out!!!

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