Emissary Report


Emissary Report


Greetings brother and sister Dark Jedi,

This week we come to honor those who have served their clan with loyalty beyond the norm. Today we hereby award clan titles to the following:

DA Voranyen Arconae

DA Khobai Wrathraven Arconae

Both are di Tenebrous Arconae

Also we acknowledge the service of:

Obelisk Primarch Pimp Sharad Hett Taldrya

Obelisk Exarch Pimp Shadow Taldrya

You might as well have noticed that some of our beloved Dark Council members have likewise taken on clan names with which they served exceptionally loyaly with.

And now for the other portion of my report, for I am not merely the "clan title guy."

It is my pleasure to announce the latest project from the office of the Emissary. In conjunction with the Assembly of Consuls and many others who have helped them out, we are moving ahead with our very own Project Background Check.

Project Background Check is a culmination of clan history taken up into three segments.

  • Segment one will look at making sure each clan has a link to a webpage on their clan page that tells of their clans history from the founding to the present.

  • Segment two will be a compilation of who has served as CON, PCON, QUA, and AED of each clan and these will be displayed on an upcoming EMS site.

  • Segment three is my favorite, it will be a new chapter that we hope to add to the Dark Side Compendium telling of t he Brotherhood clans and how they each came to be and joined to be apart of the Brotherhood as well as victories and defeats they've had that are monumental in DB history. It won't be lengthy but will be quite informative and help many remember times long past as well as help others see the rich history that many have been fortunate to be a part of.

So far the Consuls have given me a large outpouring of support as well as some haveing their portion completed already. However, if any members wish to lend assistance with history that they have collected (long time members especially) to ensure accuaracy on all parts - it would be greatly appreciated and perhaps rewarded depending on the quality of what is given.

In service to the Brotherhood


The Emissary

Serving with you since March 97

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