Consul Report


Consul Report

Hello brothers and sisters,

you beloved Consul is back and so you can see again one of my boring reports in your inbox heh. I know, I kinda disappeared for the last two weeks but I've been hell busy with my marriage planning and now that I've almost done ( I need just the dresses) I can start concentrating again on my favorite activity (outside sex and drinks of course =P) AKA the DB. I want to thanx Khalin and Jonaleth for holding the clan togheter while I was away.

Now, talking of business I want to congratulate with Vithril for his appointment as AED of Byss, I'm sure you'll do great man, and with Knight for getting DJK. Hooah!

We have also lost some good men those past weeks but I hope to see them back again in our clan as soon as they sort their lifes.

The major event that is shaking our Club is the Sith Wars and because my state of kind of lost the grasp on what's going on and I hope to recive some news by this week. Remember, anyone can partecipate and just for partecipating you get rewars hintshints

Another competition that has just closed is the inter-phyle comp and I'm kind of disturbed that none has took the time to contact me about clues on the murders.. oh well. I hope you guys keep me in mind next time a competition like this start, I may have some relevant clues =P

The OHC asked me to collect names of those of you willing to attend to a Interclub CTF competition against other clubs. If you are interested mail me and I'll send you all the relevant informations. For what I understood we should also be able to play agaist the EH as they are partecipating in this comp too soooo.... evil grins

With that my reports end and I stop bothering you for, just, now.

Sith OverLord Khan Kunar

Heir of Exar Kun

Consul of Clan Exar Kun


SO Khan Kunar(Sith)/CON/Clan Exar Kun[KSOE: KC2]



" The Power tires only those who do not have it. " Giulio Andreotti, former Italian Prime Minister.

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