Commander of the Guard Report


Commander of the Guard Report

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Some of you may have noticed I haven't been around at all the last few days. There was a death in the family, which, coupled with me working all weekend, made everything that much more complicated. The funeral however is now out of the way. Now onto some DB-related news.

*Grand Masters Royal Guard: *

We have a new members in the GMRG, so welcome to Demosthenes! There should also be another member joining us in another day or two, but it is all but already official. There are also a number of members who are on the bubble from last month, but because I don't have up-to-date scores from various competitions, I can't do anything about it just yet. I am currently looking into it though.

All information on both the guard and guilds can be found in the Dark Side Compendium. Everything is currently up-to-date, so please go here to find out more.

Interclub CTF League

This is a competition piting various CTF teams against eachother, from many other clubs. Currently, [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses] are helping collect the names, and will decide on the teams. Mail them if you're interested, as well as the names of any members you wish to be paired with. More news as it comes out.

DB Training

I have mailed a proposal to the OHC about DB-wide training in JO and JA. Many members new to MP are regularly beaten by many of the more experienced players. Of course, many players wish only to win, instead of just having some plain fun. Wanting everyone to be on more equal footing, we are trying to open a little training school for members, much like the master/student program. This will hopefully allow experienced players the chance to teach others how to become better players themselves. This will not only increase competition throughout the DB, but it shall also allow the DB to hold their own in competitions against other clubs. I will release more information as things are finalised. Anyone interested in this program, please contact myself.


There has been alot of action coming from a few of the guilds/guilds-in-waiting, so read on. I also urge everyone to go to this MB topic and post a reply.

DB Player's Association (SWG) - [Log in to view e-mail addresses] (Up and running)

  • The DBPAhas managed to acquire a player city! There are now looking for more recruits for the city itself, so that they can increase its population. There has also been some fresh new recruits into the DBPA itself. For all the latest news, visit the DBPA messageboard here.

Diablo 2 - [Log in to view e-mail addresses] (Up and running)

  • There has been some interest once again in this guild, as well as another member joining it. Dranik has alot of competition ideas in mind, and I hope to see them implemented.

Freelancer - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

  • Jeff has mailed me with an update on this guild-in-waiting. There are roughly 13 members currently. Only 8 of them are actually in the DB, but about 5 more were picked up while playing the game, with 3-4 of them who will actually join the DB (yay!). There has already been alot of action within the game itself. This guild uses the SW mod (Freeworlds, which can be found here. They are well established in the USA 2 server, while they are just getting started in the UK server.


Noone seemed to show up for the XWA WoW (too busy with the Sith War I assume :P). However, the JO WoW has already started! For more information, go here.

**Weekly Competitions:

** I had made a news post awhile back with a standard for reporting matches in the weekly MP competitions. It would just help out the hosts currently, in tracking stat numbers. The winners would report as such: PLATFORM PIN#1 PLAYER#1 SCORE PIN#2 PLAYER#2 SCORE. I've received a few reports this week, but things don't look so well. This is a great way for everyone to get out there, get a few matches in on their favourite day and maybe even earn a medal or two. There's something happening just about any day of the week, so everyone should be able to make something at least.

Inter-Club Training Event

Time: Saturday at 4pm EST

Place: #outerrim

Host: Mav

Space Jam

Time: Sunday from 1-5pm EST

Place: #sith

Host: Rekio

Moonelf's Quest

Time: Monday from 3-8pm EST

Place: #gmrg

Host: Tissaya

Tuesday Showdown

Time: Tuesday form 2-10pm EST

Place: #gmrg

Host: Halcyon/Lenzar

Thursday Bash

Time: Thursday from 6-10pm EST

Place: #gmrg

Host: Arania

Comment: Only guns to be used in JK/JO/JA matches

Battle of Antei

Time: Friday from 10am-5pm EST

Place: #sith

Host: Lenzar

Other Stuff:

This week as been a bust with so much happening. There has been a lot of little things I've been working on/planning. I hope to get those implemented soon as well. Lyrics are below, and remember to get that comment in first.

Lyrics of the Week: (Last week's winner: Bloodfyre)

Once there was this girl who

Wouldn't go and change with the girls in the change room

But when they finally made her

They saw birthmarks all over her body

She couldn't quite explain it

They'd always just been there

In darkness,

SO Halcyon Rokir Arconae(Sith)/COG/Dark Council [GMRG: CoG]

"Headline News" - Weird Al Yankovic

"Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" - Crash Test Dummies

The second one. :P

DB Training
Please feel free to use the Kirleta JO/JA Server. The server even has a web portal that allows you to see who is on and what map is running. more info on

Sorry to hear about your loss

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