Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

Third Sith War: Final Update

Being as how this will be my final update before the Third Sith War comes to an end I am going to provide a slightly more detailed run down of the exact play of things, just to provide you all with added incentive to get those last minute submissions in for some of the lesser participated in sections. So, for a full, or as near as full and accurate list as I can currently make it, list here are the current standings:

Clan Tarentum: 139 | 250 | 314

Clan Arcona: 134 | 227 | 289

Clan Taldryan: 67 | 158 | 228

Clan Naga Sadow: 77 | 120 | 145

Clan Scholae Palatinae: 33 | 85 | 107

Clan Satal Keto: 19 | 48 | 71 | 77

Clan Exar Kun: 12 | 12 | 25

So no change that last week, although it is good to see that every Clan has made a gain this week, and that there are still a lot of submissions continuing to be made up until the last minute. I can't stress how important those Single Player sections are though, so make sure to take part, as participation is still extremely low!

Anyway, the full run down:

Single Player Events

TIE Fighter Single Player

Tarentum: 18

X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter Single Player

Tarentum: 18

Naga Sadow: 6

Taldryan: 12

Satal Keto: 6

X-Wing Alliance Single Player

Tarentum: 24

Taldryan: 6

Arcona: 12

Satal Keto: 6

Multi Player Events

XWA Ladder

Arcona: 111

Exar Kun: 21

Naga Sadow: 23

Satal Keto: 28

Scholae Palatinae: 31

Tarentum: 153

Taldryan: 7

X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter Multiplayer

Arcona: 21

Tarentum: 7

Naga Sadow: 2

Satal Keto: 1

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Multiplayer

Naga Sadow: 4

Scholae Palatinae: 2

Allegiance Multiplayer

Arcona: 130

Scholae Palatinae: 70

Tarentum: 62

Naga Sadow: 110

Satal Keto: 36

Taldryan: 192

Exar Kun: 4

Other Events

Graphics Submission

Arcona: 5

Tarentum: 2

Scholae Palatinae: 4

Taldryan: 1

Screenshot Competition

Tarentum: 1

Mission Design

Tarentum: 30

Taldryan: 10

Arcona: 10

Of course this is not taking into account the XWA Bracket Tournament, the ACC Ladder or the Battleplan, all of which will only be counted once the Third Sith War has ended. Still, I hope this helps some of you consider what to do in the last few days a little more, and gives you all a lot more reasons to actually do your best this weekend.

And for that, I am going to extend the deadline until Midnight Sunday 14th March.

Seeing as how the deadline was the end of Saturday it seems somewhat more worthwhile for me to give the whole weekend, so you now have until the end of Sunday!

Good luck, and may the best Clan win.

<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" border="0"><tr><td></td><td>His Excellency,
Dark Adept Xanos Zorrixor Serpentis-Sadow
Sith High Warrior of the Dark Brotherhood
Manus Argent of the Order of Serpentis

Midnight = EST?

Midnight = Before I crawl out of bed Monday :P

Come on Taldryan....lets take this home...

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