Commander of the Guard Report


Commander of the Guard Report

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I'm more or less back in the swing of things, and as such, actually managed to get some work done.

*Grand Masters Royal Guard: *

We have another new member this week, so welcome Dark Sabre to the team! I'd also like to congratulate our very own HM, Kaiann, on achieving Sovereign Protector! Also, we had a handful of members removed due to inactivity, but I hope to see them up and active once again. I am currently getting a small tournament together for JO, to see who in the GMRG is l33t :P Also, I've started a monthly ladder for the GMRG. Information on it can be found here. If it goes well, I may make the scope of it larger to include the whole DB. I have also decided to count Allegiance activity for the GMRG. While it won't be able to get you in the GMRG, it will help those already in acheive various ranks faster. Lastly, I would just like to congratulate Arania on her Grand Cross, for all of her hard work and activity.

All information on both the guard and guilds can be found in the Dark Side Compendium. Everything is currently up-to-date, so please go here to find out more.

Interclub CTF League

This is a competition piting various CTF teams against eachother, from many other clubs. Currently, [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses] are helping collect the names, and will decide on the teams. Mail them if you're interested, as well as the names of any members you wish to be paired with. More news as it comes out.

DB Training

There has been no new developments this week, but I will have more news on it for my next report.


Because of the new Societies, there is currently only 1 official guild. However, there is a new Guild-in-making that has huge possibilities. I would just like to congratulate Kelric on a job well done with the DBPA so far, and wish him the best of luck from here on out.. I also urge everyone to go to this MB topic and post a reply.

Diablo 2 - [Log in to view e-mail addresses] (Up and running)

  • I have talked to Dranik, and he has some great ideas for competitions that will also include rewards. Hopefully these will start up soon.

Freelancer - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

  • Jeff has mailed me with an update on this guild-in-waiting. There are roughly 13 members currently. Only 8 of them are actually in the DB, but about 5 more were picked up while playing the game, with 3-4 of them who will actually join the DB (yay!). There has already been alot of action within the game itself. This guild uses the SW mod (Freeworlds, which can be found here. They are well established in the USA 2 server, while they are just getting started in the UK server.

Galactic Conquest - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

  • This is our newest guild-in-making. Galactic Conquest is actually a mod of a great game called Battlefield 1942. You will of course need the retail version to play this mod, and this game is completely multi-player. It will allow you to use various Star Wars weapons and vehicles, including star fighters. There are of course Imperial and Rebel sides. For more information on this mod, visit here.


The JO WoW is over and I'd like to thank both Dask and Prajna for representing the DJB! For all those who still play it, the JK WoW is currently on, and all information can be found here.

**Weekly Competitions:

** I've managed to get caught up on competition matches, and I'm disappointed to see the participation levels. There are alot of medals up for grabs, so I urge people to show up. Also remember, try and practice good sportsmanship while playing games.

To make it easier for score tracking, please try and use the following report format if possible: Winners report - PLATFORM PIN#1 PLAYER#1 SCORE PIN#2 PLAYER#2 SCORE

Inter-Club Training Event

Time: Saturday at 4pm EST

Place: #outerrim

Host: Mav

Space Jam

Time: Sunday from 1-5pm EST

Place: #sith

Host: Rekio

Moonelf's Quest

Time: Monday from 3-8pm EST

Place: #gmrg

Host: Tissaya

Tuesday Showdown

Time: Tuesday form 2-10pm EST

Place: #gmrg

Host: Halcyon/Lenzar

Thursday Bash

Time: Thursday from 6-10pm EST

Place: #gmrg

Host: Arania

Comment: Only guns to be used in JK/JO/JA matches

Battle of Antei

Time: Friday from 10am-5pm EST

Place: #sith

Host: Lenzar

Other Stuff:

I'm fairly happy with how the week went, but there's still alot to be done. Lyrics are below, and remember to get that comment in first.

Lyrics of the Week: (Last week's winner: Dark Sabre)

here we are in the pouring home

i watch the light man fall the comb

i watch a light move across the screen

i watch the light come over me

In darkness,

SO Halcyon Rokir Arconae(Sith)/COG/Dark Council [GMRG: CoG]

Moby - South Side

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