Combat Master Report


Combat Master Report

It's time again for another report. Things are running mostly as normal, with a few things on the horizon.

The first of these, is a re-evaluation of the judging process. I'm working on a new system currently, and will be drafting up some plans to get some opinions on soon. Expect to see this come into place within a month's time.

Also on the horizon are a few ACC competitions. These will be clan-based ladders, more details on this later.

The prime emphasis over the next few weeks is getting this new judging system in place.

Gryffon out.

Why the hell was my comment taken off?

same reason as mine - being too assholeish :P

Actually it was removed by the Justicar for being entirely inappropriate and pending investigation on whether I should beat some sense into some people.


awww * strokes Yacks

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