Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children of all ages Spears is proud to present his semi-annual Mystics Report.

Well as some of you may have noticed the Gladius roster is a bit smaller then it waa. Anshar removed several members due to inactivity, so if you haven't spoken to myself or Anshar in awhile you may want to or face the possibility that you could be on the next boot list. One sure way to guaruntee that you will remain safe and sound in Gladius and in the Mystics is to take part in a competition. I understand that time can be pretty short, but alot of the competitons do not take alot of time to complete. If you have any questions about things you can do just email me and I will be happy to find you plenty of things to do, also if you have any ideas for competitions that you would like to see or take part in just let me know and we can try to set something up.

I would also like to welcome to the Mystics Novice Avenos Fra'a claps, drinks are on the team tonight.

Now on to awards.

Great work guys.

Knight Camile

Awarded Dark Cross (Anshars letters of comendation do have benifits as this shows :-)

Awarded Crescent with Ruby Star (1st place in the Krath Monthy Topic way to go)

Awarded Crescent with Emerald Star (1st place in the Mystics Looking into the Distance Competition

great job)


Awarded Crescent with Topaz Star (2nd in the Mystics Looking into the Distance Competition another job well done)

I didn't see any Shadow Academy courses done by the team this week. if I missed something please let me know. Also if you have any questions about the SA please let me know I am sure I can answer any of your questions.

Competitions well as always there is plenty to do, and even more stuff on the way. For all of your competition needs you can go here.

Our QUA has a comp going, that you may find interesting

Someone has made the QUA mad- mad enough to kill. Who is it? What did they do? Where will the hide?

Submit either a minimum 1 page story (12 pt font) or a minimum 24 line poem (12 pt font). Can be either serious or funny.

I belive this one ends on the 26th of March so make sure you get any entries to Anshar by then.

I am running a competition that everyone in the Clan can compete in that ends on March 31st. I would love to see a few more entries from the Mystics.

Members are to come up with a list of things they have been told they are not allowed to do by their Leaders. Be Creative have Fun. Each list should have 10 things so 30 things will be 3 entries each member however is limited to one prize.

Example Bloodfyre told me "You are not allowed to dress up like Firefox and tell everyone to drop their pants and surrender to my dark might." So just send your entries to me for this comp.

There are also some DB wide comps that you may like to check out. I am to lazy to type all the details for them so just follow the links.

A comp run by the HeadMaster

And here are 3 run by the Krath High Priestess

Well I figure I have wasted enough of everyones time so you may now get back to whatever you where doing. I hope to see a bit more activity, I would hate to lose any of you folks to the next House clean up.

"The Darkness has come, and there will be no dawn"

KP Spears Tarentae TET Mystics

P.S. A letter of commendation to everyone who replies to this email and tells me what the quote "The Darkness has come, and there will be no dawn" is.

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