Aedile Report


Aedile Report

He everybody this should be a quick report as I intend to use the new format as proposed by our Oathmaster. That will make these things much shorter for me to write and you to read so here's the news:

March is almost over and there are several competions still running. Of course we have the full range of KMTs

Dialogue: 'The interrogation'

This should be written entirely as an interchange of dialogue.

(Exception: You may have a short introductory and ending paragraph which is not in dialogue form if you need it.)

Submit to Alanna [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Story: 'Dark Deal'

Story not shorter than 3 pages in word, no double spacing, 12 point.

Submit to Tiss [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

Closing date for both is the 31st March. Please use .txt or .doc format.

We also have the special topic "Through the Looking glass" a coop story for masters and students. Information cna be found on the DB and Krath Websites. This is a great competition and I hope some of our younger pairs will take advantage of it.

The Dragon Guard Motto comp is still open for 11 more days and is a great way to get a medal for those that compete. All you need to do is Create the Dragon Guard motto, with a 1-2 pg. story explaining the motto's significance and how the motto came into being. Submissions go to [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Finally GRD RevengeX is running a competition entitled What's your Past?


GRD RevengeX walked slowly into the room with many Krath Tyros following him into the meeting hall of the Dragon Guard. The Tetrarch sat at the head. All the tyros sat silently into their seat. Only RevengeX was standing.

"My fellow Tyros of the Dragon Guard Battleteam, I wish to know your past, from as far back you can remember to your first day in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood."

All competitions are due March 31 so please do something. These aren't the hardest comps but they will help you hone your skills for the upcoming Jedi War (I believe Details to follow). That's all from me this week see ya' guys later.

-JH Kschamehellan

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