Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

I've been working a lot on the website this week. I can't wait until I can give everyone the link!

Phyle happenings and gossip!!

I forgot to tell everyone to welcome Onwai into the phyle. He's gonna kick all your butts at the competitions I'll start bringing out again >:)

Speaking of Onwai, he passed a few SA courses such as the Krath runon, grammar, and both IRC studies. Great job and keep up the good work!

And now for Dranik. Yup he got more medals this week. Surprising it was only four CFs. He just keeps playing all those online games and cashing in. Makes me wonder if I should jump on that bandwagon.

Anyone see I won the caption contest of the Third Sith war? I'm rather proud of that and must say Goat must be a Simpson's fan. If you want to see my entry. So I must have gotten my fifth letter of commendation for that and so got a DC or maybe that last one was for my posts in the run-on. Whichever....

Competition stuffs!!

Gosh they keep hinting about this clan comp but never opening it up for us. I wish Rekio and Sith would hurry it up already!

Hey if you haven't seen the news by now, there's going to be a repeat of the IG from last year. Too bad I'm not in a position where I can make a competition this year. Oh well I guess I'll have to make competitions for you guys. With that said, cherish your last few days off because I'm gonna start cranking out the competitions again. I hope to have the new website up by then.

Oh yeah, there's the competition Spears has out for all that deals with passing 5 SA tests and getting a DC. There is also one out that Dranik is running that deals with the colors of our house. There is another one by Spears that's out until the 31st that is a top ten things to not do around here. Fun and creativity wins this one!

A small heads up, looks like the Tarentum weekly trivia will be making a come back so stay tuned!

Question of the week.

Is there really no limit to stupidity?

And now for this weeks moment of zen.

Tip, do not ever make Telona mad. Dalthid found this out after he told the Epis she couldn't use any cryoban grenades in her upcoming battle with Lenzar. His reason for not allowing this seems to be tied with the misconception that girls can't throw. Dalthid quickly found out that she could indeed throw very well when she nonchalantly tossed a thermal detonator into his hands and walked away. The PCON of Satal Keto is currently recovering in his quarters. The Combat Master only laughed at the matter and made a note to inform the Supreme Champion of his mistake.

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