Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Well this has been a pretty good week for the Mystics and Tarentum overall. As a Clan we placed 2nd in the Obelisk RoS but we owned when it came to the Sith War. So congrats to our Obelisk and Sith brothers. On a down note Alexi choose to leave us and transfer to Rouge, I guess she thought she didn't have time for us. But like all who leave if she decides at some point she would like to come back she is more then welcome.

Now the positive stuff for the week. One promotion and 4 crosses of various kinds this week. Great Job folks I hope to see more weeks likes this with maybe a few more awards and promos thrown in.

William X promoted to Guardian

Ma'arkhan awarded a Dark Cross

Jason snagged two Dark Crosses

And little old me pulled in a Grand Cross -I have pictures of Sithy with some how shall I say less then reputable barmaids ;-)

Well lets get on to comps and the like. First of this is Exam Week in Tarentum if you take and pass 5 SA exams between now and Saturday you get a DC it is that simple.

Also my 10 things members are not allowed to do comp ends on wed so get me your entries. You can find all of the details here

The Headmaster is running an interesting Comp so check it out, it will really let you stretch those comdeic wings of yours.

And I would hate to forget mentoning Draniks comp so check it out and help make Dranik feel special by doing his comp :-)

These are all pretty quick and easy comps so give them a try and have some fun with them.

I will skip the KMTs since all you have to do is check out the KHPs report for all the details but here is a link to the report.

I am sure there are some other comps out there that I have forgotten so you can always check the competitions section of the main DB page for more info.

Also keep an eye out the Independence Games are coming up real quick and from there we should be jumping into the GJW. So there are some busy times ahead.

Well I am out of things to babble about so I shall leave it at that.

Great Job folks keep up the good work.

"The Darkness has come, and there will be no dawn"

KP Spears Tarentae TET Mystics

P.S. Since nobody answered it last week I am keeping it open. A letter of commendation to everyone who replies to this email and tells me what the quote "The Darkness has come, and there will be no dawn" is.

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