Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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[Bow] Welcome to the 8th AED report! My reports just get more frequent eh? I have some excellent news to report this week. The Obelisk RoS competition results have finally been released - and I am pleased for say that Clan Exar Kun has finished overall 4th, thanks to the efforts of PRT DarkTraveller and ACO Psychomantis who won a grand total of 43 CoF's between them - It is performances like this that remind us that the hard work pays off. The next piece of news is that PRT DarkTraveller has begun his first round of trials to attain the rank of Guardian - wish him all well as he leaves the rank of PRT and moves onto the first rung of the ladder towards DJK. A note for all of you to update your address books for ACO Lando Karana's new e-mail which can be found by logging into the database and looking at the Ziost Roster. And Finally Khalin is on leave until Friday, if you wish to contact him you may do so, but anything you want dealt with immediately should be sent to me.

House Activity

There's been a few medals awarded this week, due to the efforts of SWL James McKenna, ACO Psychomantis, and PRT DarkTraveller. All of them work hard towards the prestige of Ziost - and should all be recognised for their efforts by all of us - Congratulations on your awards guy's.


PRT DarkTraveller completed first of his trials.

Medals Awarded

ACO Psychomantis awarded 19 CoF's and awarded the Dark Cross for his stellar performance in the RoS Bloodrites

PRT DarkTraveller awarded 24 CoF's.

SWL James McKenna awarded 4 CoF's

_Shadow Academy Courses _



We still have competitions in running from last week, which can be viewed by looking at last weeks report - remember submit all entries to PRT DarkTraveller, cc'ing Khalin, and myself.

Transfer in/out


Thats all for this weeks folks, and I hope to see more activity next week.


DJK KnightOfRage/Ziost of Exar Kun <html /></center> <-

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