Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The lump of clay had been meticulously carved and shaped over the last few days. The base had been expertly shaved into a solid trapezoidal foundation, and a small area to carry an inscription had been defined.

Vassan took a step back from the piece, simply a small tool really, to help him pre-visualize the monument he would be constructing at the end of this internal War.

There was a knock upon his chamber door.

“Yes,” he said, knowing who it was before the portal opened. “How can I help you Quaestor?”

Strategos strode inside, his lavish clothing still, to Vassan, highly out of place in the sparse and cloistered surroundings of the rest of the Krath temple. The Priest’s attention was immediately drawn to the work of his Aedile…or, rather, the lack thereof.

“So, you’ve carved a base…for a shapeless lump of clay. How…interesting.”

Vassan suppressed a sneer. “Simply a preliminary model, Quaestor. I’ll not have a specific design for the monument until such time as we know the victor of the War.”

Strategos gave a slightly puzzled look. “Why not simply make two models ahead of time, and use the one that fits the winner?”

The Quaestor’s tone was slightly condescending, but not enough to bait the Archpriest into direct comment. Instead, Vassan simply muttered “I’d rather not waste my time conjuring a monument to a Phyle that will ultimately lose.”

It had been neutral enough a statement, but Strategos caught the underlying resentment. He smiled, knowingly.

“Now now Vassan, I’m sure the Dark Orb will do their best. They’ll give a good showing, but Prophecy, as you know, already has the advantage.”

“It isn’t over until the fat Hutt chokes,” Vassan said.

-=Phyle War Report=-

Standings as of this writing, and to the best of my personal knowledge:

Poetry Submissions: Zero

Story Submissions: 2, both from Prophecy. Worst case: 4 points

ACC Battles: 9 Active, 1 Judged, 1 Closed.

Worst case for either Phyle for current active battles: 9 Points Each

Judged Battle: 2 points to Prophecy, 1 point to Dark Orb

Worst Case total point standings: Prophecy 15, Dark Orb 10

In darkness thrive,

~Archpriest Vassan Rokir~

Aedile of House Qel-Droma

Praetor to the Oracle

Architect for Clan Arcona

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