Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Yeah I know, haven't sent a report last week either. I am so much

troubled with writer's block it's hard for me to even think about what

has happened lately.

You'll notice that there's no logo on this report. That is becauase I

have to mail via Yahoogroups directly. I have no SMTP, aka outgoing

mail, on the connection at my parent's place. And webmail won't

exactly allow an html report either, but oh well.

In any case you heard about the SW results. We did ok, got 2 1st

places (me ACC, Phoenix allegiance), but we could have overtaken CNS

if just some more of you would have gotten off their lazy behinds.

A few of us will soon be AWOLed as they haven't even managed to get

off APP status or haven't replied to mails since. We want active

people, and we'll get them, one way or the other. And with less dead

wood, we are more likely to get actives from the SA.

Other big news - Phoenix got promoted for all his work. Most of you

know that by now. I tried to write a story about it but hey, with the

writer's block and all... sorry about that. If anyone can write up

something cool, do so and have it recorded as important Clan activity.

Now, the most important stuff - INDEPENDENCE GAMES!!!

Yes, they start on the 12th, and all down to AED are to send in events

for it to hold them themselves. This is like the DB Olympics, and I

want us to do real good here. Not only in participation but also in

medal winning. So, I expect each of you to do as many events as

possible. Every single one of this Clan should do at least 5 events!

20 would be better. Yes, it is possible as my score from last year shows.

I'll have an activity table for the Clan for this. Your future in CSP

will be judged to a big part on your activity in the Independence

Games. Doing not a single event is almost akin to being AWOL. Doing

less than 5 is a sign of lazyness. Some of the events will be very

short and easy to do, so really, there is no excuse.

The list of events to do will be out on the 12th. Some will have

signups earlier to start on time.

Get ready for it. We'll rumble.

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