Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report

The Serpenti

It is my great honour today to announce the induction of two more of our brethren into the prestigious Order of Serpentis, the chosen elite of the Sith.

You will already know that the first two of the Knights of the Order are none other than Lenzar Serpenti and Demosthenes Serpenti, the champions of the Third Sith War. We have acknowledged the work of the present, now I wish to acknowledge the work of the past and bestow the title upon two who have done much for the Order in times gone by. Therefore, may I please present to you all:

-> Rekio Corsair Serpenti-Tarentae, Champion of the Second Sith War


Keirdagh Serpenti-Taldryan Cantor, High Warrior Emeritus

My congratulations to you both!

Third Sith War Final Awards

My appologies for the delay in issuing the awards, but I wanted to make sure things were done right and that there were no problems, so I can finally have the pleasure of announcing the new Starfighters that the Seven Clans are to recieve. I must say that I was pleased with the diversity in the choices most Clan's made. One of my goals has been to take us away from the idea that we are fragment of the Imperial Remnant but are rather our own Imperium, as the Empire of the Dark Side, something not directly tied into Palpatine and the Second Imperium but only associated with it indirectly.

I also should mention the new terminology as far as Sith units are to go in the near future, although I will also say that this is far from final. In taking from the structure of the Chiss Expansionary Defence Force I have chosen the term Phalanx as the primary structural unit within the Sith, however I have yet to decide whether to go with Phalanx and Squadron, or Wing and Phalanx, so there is still some possible alterations to come in that respect. Anyway, without further delay, the awards are as follows:

Phalanx Battlegroup of the First Clan of the Sith

12 A-9 Vigilance Interceptors

6 XG-1 Star Wings

6 B-51 B-Wings

6 RZ-1 A-Wings

18 T-65 X-Wings

24 TIE Interceptors

Phalanx Battlegroup of the Second Clan of the Sith

8 TIE V38 Phantoms

6 B-51 B-Wings

6 E-Wings Model B

36 TIE Interceptors

Phalanx Battlegroup of the Third Clan of the Sith

12 Hyperion-class modified starfighters

6 Scimitar Assault Bombers

36 TIE Interceptors

Clan Naga Sadow Phalanx Battlegroup

4 TIE Avengers

8 XG-1 Star Wings

8 A-9 Vigilance Interceptors

30 TIE Interceptors

Clan Scholae Palatinae Phalanx Battlegroup

3 TIE V38 Phantoms

3 Scimitar Assault Bombers

12 T-65 X-Wings

24 TIE Interceptors

Clan Satal Keto Phalanx Battlegroup

4 TIE Avengers

2 S1 Firespray-class Patrol Ships

4 XG-1 Star Wings

8 TIE Interceptors with warhead launchers

14 TIE Interceptors

Clan Exar Kun Phalanx Battlegroup

3 TIE V38 Phantoms

12 TIE Bombers

24 TIE Interceptors

I will be talking to the Lord Chamberlain as soon as he is feeling better about getting the new starfighters to the Brotherhood Fleet Order of Battle (

Starfighters and the Future

You may also like to know my plans for the future in regards to the starfighter compliments of the Clans.... effectively my approach is to be the same as taken with the starships as present, in that the ships you have now are not final and you will be able to earn more ships in the future. This is to make way for personal possessions in Project Rebirth, meaning that the starfighters you now own will not have any options for upgrade, instead Clans will be presented with new starfighters, either replacements or greater numbers, whilst individuals get the chance to upgrade their own personal ship. In that respect expect me to be awarding more ships for the next major Sith Order competition I run after the upcoming Great Jedi War.

Naming your Fleet

I'm going to be contacting Consuls as soon as I post this report about dividing their fleet up, assigning starfighters into squadrons, and giving names to the squadrons. What the idea is, is rather than starfighters be permanently assigned- although thats possible- to a Sith squadron the Sith will instead act as their own Special Forces in a way, and hold the authority to aquisition the Clan ships as and when they feel it necessary to accomplish their mission. This means that if the Sith feel they need a group of Interceptors, they can go and jump into the Clan's available TIE Interceptors, if instead they need an undercover infiltration operation then they can jump aboard the Phantoms. This is why the numbers of starfighters I have awarded are not necessarily structured into the standard 12 (4-4-4) setup as has been in the past for squadrons.

Bringing a long story short, if you wish to add a little bit to history and help out with naming and organising your Clan's possessions then please contact your Consul as soon as possible with your suggestions. It's really up to you what you do with your ships, so providing its not too unusual that we can't write it into the Order of Battle then be sure to suggest it.

The Future of Allegiance

I noticed that I had not made a formal public announcement pertaining to the free game Allegiance, so I figure with the final closing of the Third Sith War now is as good a time as any:

Allegiance is henceforth an official primary Sith platform.

That means Allegiance has effectively been promoted form the Guild state and accepted into the Order. I'll be working with the relevant people to have the join forms, Shadow Academy and Dark Side Compendium material updated to reflect this, and it now means that you've got a lot more freedom in running official Allegiance based competitions without having to pass it through the Guild system with approval from the Commander of the Guard or anything like that.

<table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" border="0"><tr><td></td><td>His Excellency,
Dark Adept Xanos Zorrixor Serpenti-Sadow
Sith High Warrior of the Dark Brotherhood
Manus Argent of the Order of Serpentis

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