Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Darkest Greetings,

Well, its that time again, report time.

The big news is, you will not have me to ride your asses for nearly

two months. I am moving to start a new job, and will not have an

internet connection andmaybe not even a computer for a few weeks. I

am also taking some personal time off, as RL is crushing me and it

is starting to take a toll on my performance here. I expect when I

get back, that I will see many active members, and all of you to

have repaed many shiney things from participation in the IG, the

GJW, and the GBW should be under way when I return.

On another note, i just want to say that Jon is back, and he isn't

happy, I now leave you in his evil hands for the next couple of

months. When I get back into action, expect the ol Vith you knew

before to be back, charging hard and leading the way to glory for

Byss and CEK once again.

Oh, and this is for Jon: Looks like you list just got longer for the

next coupla months buddy. :P

Welcome to all the new ppl, good ridance to all the ppl that left,

and get to work... all of you. As of now, I am on LOA. I'll be

available until Monday, so i will see some of you on IRC until then.


From the Shadows We Listen,

KP Vithril Isradia

Aedile of House Byss of Clan Exar Kun

Magistrate to the Krath High Priestess

First Knight of Byss

The Sword of Isradia

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