Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Mune sits quietly in his chamber, the moon shining in through the window over his shoulder. The pale moonlight outlines his form, highlighting his soft white fur. His pale blue eyes glance at the monitor in front of him, studying its contents momentarily before he begins to tap softly at the keyboard, the keys clicking softly under his fingertips.




USER: Mune Metsukai Isradia



DATE: April 28th

password accepted...


This report is WAY overdue, and it is an error on my part. 70% laziness, 30% distractions; time management is flying out the window once again, but I continue to make a solid effort. Now, on to actual stuff that has to do with what I should be reporting on.

The phyle seems pretty asleep but for the awesome effort Ran Passik is putting in with his diligent work on the Phyle website. I realize the work on the site has been temporarily lagged due to my having difficulty getting back to him with what I'd like in the TET office section of the site. He has been amazingly patient, and his patience is much appreciated. He has my respect beyond a doubt, and I am proud to have this hard working individual as a Tyro of Exar's Shadow.

I realize that Shio and Seiryu are both on leave, but I am looking for activity from Jaysun at this point. His inactivity without reason given to me, begins to aggravate me very much. I hope to see more activity from Jaysun soon.

At the request of Master Vithril; everyone is to e-mail him with their status or have requested their removal from the Roster. You have approximately 48 hours. As well, I would like a status report at the same time from my Phyle members, seeing as I am a bit behind. Since Seiryu and Shio are on leave, I doubt this pertains to them.

Active phyle members, report to me what Independent Games you are participating in for my records please. It will be much appreciated. I'd also like to take this time to say, PARTICIPATE. I look bad if you guys don't do anything but sit on your butts, when I look bad, our Aedile looks bad, then our QUA looks bad. Trust me, not a pretty chain reaction, get to work.

DJK Jaysun Adumarii Isradia: Inactive

GRD Mako Henymory: On Leave

ACO Ran Passik: Updated the phyle's website as well as post in th message boards and been on mirc. Succeeded in passing the Runon Exam. Most excellent work my friend, keep it up and you are going places.

PRT Seiryu Kaieet: On Leave

JH Shio Shioklou Edykin: Still on leave I believe, although he has been awarded a Cluster of Fire somehow... Congratulations on your award.


A Bachelor's Party Fit For the Deputy Grand Master



April KMT: Death

April KMT: ACC

Anagram Mysteries: The television series

Get to work guys.


-> DJK Mune Metsukai Isradia (Krath)/TET/Byss of Exar Kun [ACC: F]







loging out...

Mune stood and glanced out the window momentarily before he turned to climb into his bed with his mate, retiring for the night.

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