Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The faint sounds of clicking metal and chipping stone

echoed along the hallway. Strategos strode onward,

maintaining his composure despite a now wounded pride.

He entered Vassan’s quarters, as usual, without


The Aedile was tending to a rather enormous block of

ebon stone, something he had had specially extracted

from the dark mountains that rested many kilometers

distant of the temple. In his hands were hammer and

chisel, and around his feet lay the fallen pieces of a

masterpiece only beginning to take shape.

Strategos began to clear his throat, to at least alert

Vassan to his presence, but just before he did so the

Aedile turned and nodded to him.

“Quaestor.” Vassan’s face lacked the smirk Strategos

had anticipated. That alone made his blood heat within

his veins.

“Aedile. I see you’ve already made some headway.”

Vassan shrugged slightly, glancing back at the black


“I expect to have it finished within a week’s time.

Hopefully, it will be situated about the same time the

rest of the construction on the temple is completed.”

Strategos nodded.

“I had noticed the construction droids. Their efforts

have achieved new heights in irritating noises.” The

sarcasm was palpable.

“All a temporary annoyance,” Vassan assured. “And once

they’re done the temple will be that much better for


There was a pause then, one of those slightly

uncomfortable silences, as the two leaders of

Qel-Droma gently glared at each other, neither saying

what the other expected to say after the conclusion of

this particular conflict. Strategos, however, finally

gave in to the circumstances, and made his admission.

“You won.”

Vassan’s face remained passive, and he bowed slightly

to Strategos. The Quaestor returned the gesture, and

spun on his heel, moving to exit the Aedile’s room.

And that would have been that, save for a muttering

from Vassan that Strategos only barely caught as he

left, raising to the surface his dark fury.

“As was expected.”

Congrats to everyone! I was continually amazed at how

close a race this was. All the stories and poems were

amazing, and the effort put into the ACC portion just

blew me away. Even though one team had to be chosen as

the winner, all of you proved yourselves as dedicated

and talented Qel-Dromans.

The GJW is just around the corner, and your skills

will soon be called on once again. But enjoy the break

for the time being, and keep those creative juices


In darkness thrive,

~Archpriest Vassan Rokir~


( { { {:: { {0}=[|>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

KAP Vassan Rokir (Krath)/P:OCL-AED/Qel-Droma of Arcona [ACC:PF]




Dossier #67

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