Herald Report


Herald Report

Another wonderful week in the world of the HRLD...

Outta Site!

We're going on day 68 of the missing HRLD site, and have decided on a quick-fix temporary solution.



Yeah, the site's ugly as all hell, but you'll have to deal with it. The heavy graphics version has been nixed in favor of this text version for the sake of bandwidth. Tripod's only giving like 1GB a day, and with the look of the old site that'd be like 12 visitors.

Forms haven't been tested, so they may not work... not sure. Anyhow you can access the INFO NEEDED to obtain a GoA, including guidelines, etc... as well as the infamous Custom Saber Guide. No more half-assed requests. No excuses.

Quick Commentary

I like that I got one comment last time. Just for that I'm giving that person a spot on my custom lightsaber creation list.

My only quick commentary this week is this - As much as I'd like to enjoy Jedi Academy, it seems to me that it's the same old tired game LucasArts plopped out before. Yeah I know this comes as no big shock to almost everyone, but here's my point: There's just not enough variety in that FPS. Sure, lightsabers are awesome, but it seems the community - hell even the DJB community - is sick of sabers. Frankly, I hate the Jedi Knight series guns.

I played hours - nay - days worth of realistic FPS's (that is to say ones based on real-world circumstances) like Battlefield 1942 (especially the Forgotten Hope mod) and expansions, and now moved on to Battlefield Vietnam. These games are pretty similar - realistic weapons in realistic (to an extent) environments, with real-world imagery, vehicles, and enemies. All that taken into consideration you'd think I'd like to play a game with wacky weapons from my favorite made up galaxy far, far away... but I don't like it in the least. The guns in the SW-based games seem, to me, somewhat plain. Maybe it's the unrelenting time spent fighting on the beaches of Normandy or the Mekong Delta, but I just find little satisfaction in using the in-your-face, over the top, handheld-nuclear reactor spaz pistols.

I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum, loving the Jedi Knight series for its one unique feature - while the rest of the world is avoiding it at all costs.

It's a Herald Kaine! Yaaaaay!

I am quite honored to join such a fine list.
While at times the Herald and his fine staff may go unnoticed due to the work they do. While the fruits of their labors are often seen, they fit so seamlessly into the site that the time and effort put in is all to easily over looked. You folks provide a great service to the Brotherhood through the creation of both GOA's and Sabers. I would like to extend my personal thanks for all the time, effort, and creativity you folks put into providing us with all sorts of fine graphics.


Aaaah... I love the smell of fresh napalm in the morning! Kaine, give me a call and I'll taxi you around the Delta in my dustoff next time. :)

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