Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Dinaari Aedile Report

There is a APP to PRT AWOL check being run by Kir, respond...or else... (And kindly refrain from just hitting "Reply". That just sends a message to everyone in Taldryan). If you see me on IRC, kindly smack me around until I get back to work. I've got JO maps to make and DBMod to write. As well, while you are "encouraging" me to get back to work, tell me any ideas that you may have for either project so that I can use (steal) them.


Competition Site:

(Weekly CF Things)

"Moonelf's Quest" - Monday 3:00 PM EST in #gmrg

"Tuesday Showdown" - Tuesday 2:00 PM EST in #gmrg

(This spot is for Wednesdays)

"Thursday Night Bash" - Thursday 4:00 PM EST in #obelisk (Guns only)

"Battle of Antei" - Friday 10:00 AM EST in #sith

"The ICTE (Interclub Training Event)" - Saturday 4:00 PM EST in #outerrim.

"Space Jam" - Sunday 1:00 PM EST in #sith

Independence Games are still on. (According to the little counter thingy, 660 submissions until someone gets a Sapphire Blade)

A GJW is coming up soon, start looking for those game CDs.


I don't think anyone came or left...

Awards, etc.

Freedon_nadd89 - SA: Sith Core

Naraku - Promo to NOV

DarkOblivion - 18 CFs

wolf - 2 CFs

Thor Tang'va - Cr-E (Tallys: Best Newcomer), 4 CFs

Kaetaal - 1 CF

freshjive Taldrya - 1 CF

Pimp Shadow Warrior - 1 CF

"Pre" Locust - 24 CFs, Cr-A

Pimp Crix "Uberman" Madine - Cr-E (Tallys: Best Sith)


As Shad said earlier, email all complaints to me. I don't get enough email these days...

(Note: This is not an invitation to sign me up for spam lists)

OT Pimp Benevolent Whiner (Obelisk)/AED/Dinaari of Taldryan



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