Hey folks! Well damn, if it hasn't been an eternity since I've done a report. smirks As many of you probably know, I've had a whole slew of problems in the last few weeks, but none of that really excuses my drop in activity... Apologies, guys, for not being around as much. My hope is that this report will address a few issues which I know are on the minds of members. I had originally planned to make a rather large announcement. However, I'm going to wait another week to sort a few things out before doing so. Before I jump into my announcements, I'd like to say a few quick things: First, congratulations to Aragorn (Vail) on becoming the new Consul of Scholae Palatine. Also, congratulations to my magistrate, Rakhai (Numaril), on receiving a SB for the work he did in CSP. Second, as many of you know, theres been a rather nasty little virus sending itself out to a number of DJB lists. If you receive a suspicious email with an attachment, even if its from someone's address you think you can trust, DO NOT OPEN THE FILE. Most viruses(worms, whatever) spoof peoples email addresses when replicating themselves. Also keep in mind, the best defense against viruses is a combination of being smart, and having some kind of anti-virus software. With that said, onto the other stuff!

Lord Chamberlain's Report for the period of 4/24/04 to 4/30/04

-Interclub Training Event-

-Mav's Email Problems-

-Capital Gains-

-Weekly Meetings-

<>Interclub Training Event

Its been quite some time since I made an ICTE report... For a few months now, we've averaged under 20 CFs given a week, which has done little to encourage me to write my reports. Still, after a spurt in activity last weekend, I decided to bring back my weekly ICTE Reports, and with a twist: Now, the top performing member of each week's ICTE will be included on the "ICTE All-Star" list which will be included with every report I make. In order to qualify, a member must play a minimum of 12 matches against a minimum of 7 opponents. If more than one member qualifies, the member with the most CFs will earn that week's ICTE All-Star honor. In addition, I'll also be awarding an Amethyst Crescent to each week's ICTE All-Star for their excellent performance!

This week's All-Star OP "Pre" Locust, from Dinaari of Taldryan. Locust played a total of 14 games, winning 11 of them. Congratulations, Locust! Locust is the first ICTE All-Star, taking his place on my report for his victories on the ICTE that took place on 4/24/04.

Furthermore, I'll also be including a little note on who had the most people attending the ICTE each week. While the last few weeks (more like months, but...) were handily dominated by Clan Tarentum, this weekend Clan Taldryan had the strongest participation!

<>Mav's Email Problems

It never stops with my email... It turns out, only half of my email messages I've sent have gotten through over the last few weeks. I'm not entirely sure who got what, but if you emailed me something that needed a response, and haven't gotten a reply, try re-emailing it. I'm experiencing a problem with SMTP servers, so I'm utilizing webmail in the mean time. Jac has also contacted support to try to figure out why my email address isn't being received by the vast majority of people when I use pop3. Oddly enough, my messages aren't even getting through to other or users.

<>Capital Gains

Still waiting on a single Clan. I won't say who, and I'll be resending the request for their choices to them this week, since its very likely they haven't gotten my last few requests. If I don't get a response by the end of next week, I'll just announce what the other Clans have chosen during the meeting on May 8th. I'll also be working on updating the Order of Battle, as I know a number of items and ships there are outdated.

<>Weekly Meetings

For any of you that have been to many meetings since the split, I tend to run the weekly meetings on Saturday in #DB. As such, if anyone has any announcements they wish made public during the meeting (This includes leaders from anywhere in the Brotherhood wishing me to give recognition for a member that received a significant award), please feel free to email me your request at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Additionally, I can always use more trivia for the meetings - If members wish to submit trivia questions, they can email me 15-20 trivia questions, and I'll award them a LSS (If you want to submit a substantially larger number of questions, contact me personally to discuss that.) On trivia... Remember, usually, when a Dark Council member or someone else runs trivia, they rarely receive LSS' for doing so. So be nice to them, because they're running trivia for your benefit. Please don't question every single question that doesn't fall your way... The way IRC servers work, we'll all have slightly different results on our screen due to timing. Trust the people running trivia, it makes things go much more smoothly. :)

Adept Telaris "Mav" Cantor

Lord Chamberlain

DA Telaris "Mav" Cantor (Obelisk)/LCH-RHoJ/Dark Council [GMRG: PRT]


"Apologies, guys, for not being around as much."

Its ok Mav, we still <3 you :)

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