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Chancellor Report

Chancellorish News

New from the Chancellor! Yep, I'm posting a report. It's been almost a half-year since I did a report because, well, there isn't much for me to put in reports. I used to just bore everyone with stories of my real life and such, then tag a list of weekly big medals on at the end, which was kinda boring. So while I've decided not to do reports very often, I figure I should do one so you at least know I'm alive. Or, if not alive, at least clicking buttons and getting your medals out.

A Reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone that there is a medal guide posted at I'd like to stress that I would like you to follow this guide for submitting medals. For those of you who don't know, there is a SHIFT key on the keyboard. When you push it, and then a letter, it is capitalized. Keep that in mind when writing medal reccomendations. Your reccomendations go on people's dossiers, and it looks terrible to have unofficial and sloppy reccomendations on people's dossiers because you couldn't take two seconds to capitalize something or throw a comma in. While I do correct some, it'd be a lot easier for everyone (okay, I mean me, but I'm trying to appeal to you guys...) if you could just submit good reccomendations.

The Independence Games

Go participate in my IG competition! I haven't had many entries so go try IG #41. Under a page of writing with a little bit of thought to fit some items into your story. I don't really care if you pay homage to anyone, now, either...just write a kickass Jedi story.


Congratulations to everyone who has gotten medals recently! Some noteables are:

<li style="color: #0072A7">Firefox on his Golden Lightsaber!</li> <li style="color: #0072A7">Kir Katarn on his Grand Cross!</li> <li style="color: #0072A7">Numaril on his Sapphire Blade!</li> <li style="color: #0072A7">Jam3z on his Steel Cross!</li> <li style="color: #0072A7">Khobai on his Grand Cross!</li> <li style="color: #0072A7">Everyone who received their SoLs!</li>

OE William "MiSFiT" Flechette Taldrya Cantor

The Chancellor of the Brotherhood

Indeed. News for Xuthen :P

There's a SHIFT Key?!?!?


Whoa - my ED rec is one of the 'good' examples. :D

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