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Lord Marshal Report


Lord Marshal Report

<table width="100%" border="0"> <tbody> <tr align="center"> <td valign="middle" bgcolor="#990000">Deputy Marshal Appointed </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top">

Marshal James McKenna

After a week of applications pouring into my inbox, I had a hard time to decide on the right person for the job. Everytime there's somebody appointed to a high (or moderatley high) position, it's been said that "there were a lot of qualified applicants". Truth is, I would lie if I wouldn't go with this saying. Eventually, however, I had to reach a decision.

Without further words, I hereby appoint Priest Korras Aquillarum as my new Deputy with all rights and duties coming with it. Well, a lot of duties for the time being. Congratulations, Korras. Wear your new star proudly - and report to my office as soon as possible.

To everybody else who applied: You made it awefully difficult, people. Rest assured, you'll all be on my list of Magistrates, should I be in need of one.

 <tr align="center">
   <td valign="middle" bgcolor="#990000">**Marshalling

Our ForcesĀ ** </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top">

The ACC is running pretty well with 14 battles being judged in the last week. Arania is finishing up the IG ACC event and should be done within time of this report. Before the GJW draws near, I suggest you guys and gals go and have some battles to get all geared up.

The Grand Master's Royal Guard sees restructuring with Commander Demos bringing back the old circle system. Everybody mail him with the appropriate circle he wants to be in and apply for circle leader. Also, due to internal discrepancies, Lenzar was forced to leave M:CoG which is now open for applications. If you are interested in the position, apply to the Commander.

Baron Kelric is still on leave, with Kohbai and Spears taking over for him for the time being. The DBPA runs pretty good from what I've heard. Keep up the work and slay some Durnis for me.

I recieved not a single mail asking for the establishing of a guild. Judging from that, there have indeed be no active ones out there.

On this note, I also just opened a new poll on the message center. The question is if you would like to play Battlefield: Vietnam in an official DB Guild. Not only that, but if it works good, I reckon we could even take up on other Clans around the area. We'll see what comes out of this. I'm aware that Battlefield 2 will be in stores in the near future and that there is still the SW-mod for the original Battlefield. The latter is already used by the Obelisk so we don't have to make a quild of it. And on the account of BF2 - well, we can always establish a second one, no wrong in that, since you can be in multiple guilds at once.

 <tr align="center">
   <td valign="middle" bgcolor="#990000">**Rules

of Engagement** </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top">

The Prologue of the Great Jedi War has already been released and the Clans are already rallying their forces. In order to ensure a safe and fair gaming enviroment, I am currently drafting a set of rules of engagement that will apply DB-wide and for everybody engaging in multiplayer competitions. The first draft is already ready and sent towards a selected batch of people to check it over. Once it is fully done, I will post it here.

Lord Marshal James McKenna


</tbody> </table>

Slay Durni's? How about Rancors? :P

Don't we have rules of engagement? The Art of Vendetta, Chapter... 12? of the DSC. Or 14 now? I forget. DSC, near the end :P

James who is that space cowboy I can remember the cartoon on telly but mot his actual name.

Marshal Brave Starr || yes, but only roughly - plus they're not governing multiplayer battles en detail || Usually I'm not demanding from my people what I can't do myself >:P

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