Dark Voice #35


Dark Voice #35

Dark Brothers and Sisters Dark Voice #35 is now in the "Publishers Office" or I should say Webmaster Extradonaire Cyberguy has it and will have it up soon.

In this issue we have MANY interesting stories to share with you. Here is
just one example from the story of the month by Dark Jedi Knight Dalthid;

Weary from the fight, Dalthid kept his eye contact with the animal that was mere feet away from him. But he couldn’t keep from swaying, from listing side-to-side, exhausted and aching. If he could just keep from getting killed a bit longer he might be able to heal some of his wounds. The overwhelming exhaustion was more than Dalthid could bear. With an effortless slump he fell to his face and passed out. (TO CONTINUE THIS EXCITING STORY GO TO THE DARK VOICE)

We also have some great poems and graphics for you to check out. This month some of the Obelisk members heard my cry for screenshot sending in a total of 38 screenshots! I think that this is an all time record for the Dark Voice and it made my choice hard to decide but I am sure you will like the one I picked. Check out the funny screenshot by Guardian Talon and see if it makes you crack a smile, it did for me.

One of the Best Staff writers ever, Anshar has once again not failed to disappoint with his great editorial on Giving Credit where it is do, but not expecting it

However, this brought an interesting thought to my mind. Do the younger members realize that they are being watched (not in a Big Brother way) and that they receive credit for the work that they do? I'd be willing to bet they probably do realize this, but they still want something. (TO FIND OUT WHAT TO DO JUST READ THE DARK VOICE)

Our Comics writer Rage also does a great job with another awesome comic! Once again covering the subject on the Great Jedi War and I am sure many of us can relate to it.

Well I have filled the DB News board with enough info for now. Don’t forget
to keep on submitting you will get your medals.
The guidelines section HAS been updated, so please take a look at that before submitting. I really hate deleting E-mails because you don’t follow instructions, that make my life easier.

KAP Korbane Ashoka

We are still looking for Staff Members to contribute to the DV on a monthly
If you have questions, comments or concerns just e-mail me or post it in
the comment section of this post.


I know that all of you are excited about submitting to the Dark Voice and getting your dark side scrolls or possible dark cross for those select few. First you need to know the guidelines for submitting to the Dark Voice. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE I WILL SEND ONE WARNING AFTERWARD I WILL JUST DELETE!

  1. Make sure to include your DB ID line AND DB Pin number in the E-mail when submitting to the dark voice. This helps me type in all of those medals I award, you don’t do this then don’t cry to me that you didn’t get your dark side scroll (DSS).

  2. The submission MUST be Dark Jedi/Force related. DO NOT just send me a TIE fighter picture. Yes, I know that we have Sith pilots but I need more creativity then that. If you made it a banner and put some cools DB related stuff on there then that is fine. But I will not accept just anything. It must be Dark Brotherhood/Force related.

  3. ALL SUBMISSIONS will be titled as follows, (NAME-STORY TITLE). Example; I write a story named Darkness Below I would write it like this (korbane-darknessbelow) all in lower case letters with no spaces. If you do not send it like this I will not accept it.

  4. QUALITY NOT QUANTITY! I have some people that will submit a lot of stuff and it will not be a high quality at all. I will no longer take these submissions, if you are not going to take any effort and expect a DSS then you are wrong.

  5. OBELISK/SITH; When you submit any screen shots NAME THEM. I will not accept anything named shot001, shot002, ect… Use the naming system above and think of something creative. Like you got to guys standing like they are about to draw gun in the wild west then name it (name-wildwestdraw). It is not that hard and it shows me you put some thought into it.

  6. If you submit to a competition and submit to the Dark Voice afterwards then you must inform me if you won a medal from the previous competition. This will exclude you from winning a Dark Cross but you will still be awarded a Dark Side Scroll. If you do not tell me and I find out… it will be bad. (This will prevent 'double awarding'.

  7. When you wish to contribute anything to the Dark Voice send all items to KAP Korbane Ashoka at ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). Be sure to put the Subject as ‘Dark Voice Submission’ I will no longer take fwd. E-mails. It only takes a second to send it to me personally.

That is all the guidelines for the Dark Voice, I look forward to receiving your submissions!

  • Archpriest Korbane Ashoka, Editor of the Dark Voice

Don't worry about it. These are new rules that weren't there before. They are good ideas though. He is proablely overloaded with DV stuff. Thanks for running it man.

sorry Kor next time i send that many ss i will name them and i will do that story name thing for yah when i get some more for yah :)

TK is right don't worry about it Silent they were new rules. I am a bit loaded up but I like to think it is worth it. The Dark Voice has never had issue after issue like this before as far as I know.

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