Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


"In war there is no substitute for victory."

-Gen. Douglas MacArthur


-Dragon Guard Cooch has been elevated to the rank of Pontifex, the coolest of all ranks (2nd is Dark Adept.) Extremely well desereved.

-Dragon Guard Exo has been elevated to the rank Krath Priest. Welcome to the Priesthood :)

Congratulations Gents! Dragon Guard Salute


-I have recieved a Steel Cross. My humble thanks for this distinguished award :)

-Dragon Guard RX has recieved a Dark Cross for "going above and beyond of what is required of an ordinary member." Congrats! RX is also currently working through his Trials for Jedi Hunter, setting a prime standard for all Dragon Guard.

DG Roster at lean and mean 7 Dragon Guards

pHyLe CoMpS:

-What's a Dark Jedi Magazine? - COOL COMP!!

Create a Dark Jedi magazine. Use pictures, anything that you think could be in a magazine. You need the hot news, really anything. Be creative and you might win. The more creative it is, the higher chances you have to win.

End Date: 6/18/2004

Awards: Crescents

Submit to Dragon Guard RevengeX at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


-GJW!!! 4 days left for phase 1. The honor of the Guard requires your participation, so set your phasers on kill and GO GO GO!

-May KMTs (2 days left):

  • Poem topic: Dementia

Length: 1-5 pages

Marking criteria: Detail, and how many nightmares you give Ciara!

Submit to: Ciara [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]

  • Story topic: I know what you did last Summer

Length 2+ pages, TNR 12 pt or equivalent

Submit to: Tiss [[Log in to view e-mail addresses]]


Unlike the fierce fire-breathing dragons of European mythology, Chinese dragons were believed to be water-gods who ascended to the skies each spring to make rain for the benefit of humans. HAD Dragon Guards, on the other hand, kill for pleasure and consume large quanities of Vasarian Brandy.

Help the legend of the Guard grow! Send your humorous, dramatic or totally strange DG QUICK FACTS! to: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

HAD Web <<<


-Cool New Interviews! Informative, Revealing, Entertaining, Shocking...

CON Vail and QUA Timbal. Check em out!

And don't forget! You can conduct an interview of your own, of any DBer you wish, for inclusion in the prestigious HAD Review. Submit to the editor at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

For the Guard,

`Tetrarch Aghasett

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