Consul Report


Consul Report

Welcome Sons of Kun to another report from your Consul Khan.

The Great Jedi War is in his fullswing now and our clan isn't performing well but I'll be at it later. First I have to congratulate with some of our guys.

Khalin Kunar, already Quaestor of Ziost has been chose this week as new Proconsul of the Clan after I've been forced to remove Gilkane from his office. That left the position of Quaestor open, spot that has been promptly filled with KnightofRage that is now the Boss of our Army House.

Vithril, on the other hand has done a LOT for the clan and a surprice is on his way to show our appreciation for his HARD work. Congratulation to everyone !!

It seems that Jonaleth and Khalin are writing new Clan Force Powers and from what I have read so far they are REALLY awesome, infact I can't wait to see the end of it to ask the DGM approval over them. Nice job Men !

Now talking of of business, I'm NOT, I repeat NOT, pleased with our current standing. I am the only that has submitted anything for this GJW. I've gone thought all the clan to see how they were performing and the results quite shocked me:

Arcona submissions: 32 Members: 60

Exar Kun submissions 5 Members: 34

Naga Sadow submissions 25 Members: 40

Scholae Palatinae submissions 6 Members: 39

Setal Keto submissions 14 Members: 36

Taldryan submissions 22 Members: 76

Tarentum submissions 9 Members: 56

As you can can see each clan beside CSP beat us badly and that something that MUST change if we wish to win anything out of this war. Remember that not only our pride is in danger but the some nice possessions, as well as nice medals and other rewards, are on the balance's plate and I WON'T belive that the clan that has reached 4th in the last IG games will place in a lower position ! For each submission you make there's a medal waiting for you and some personal rewards are waiting those that partecipate (AKA HELP) the clan the most. If medals and other random awards doesn't bride you into helping your hown clan, the place you call home I really don't know what will makes you move. The end of Chapter 1 is only 2 weeks away and it will close the 11th of June to leave space to the next chapter and a whole new serie of missions.

I have some suggestions thought for those that are going to partecipate:

First of all read the txts inside the zip files, they already explain everything you need to do.

For the JO SP mission save once you cleared the map of every enemy as you must take a screenshot of the stats it give you after you enter the red room when load for the new map. It takes few seconds to load so you must be really quick, otherwise you'll take a screenshot of a black screen. So save before doing so.

For the XWA SP mission both me and others had a problem with mission 2. After you finish mission 1 and return to the hangar, the game crash and even when you try to open the game again it crash on you. That's due an unknown bug, it that happens MAIL ME immidiatly and I'll tell you what to do.

Now go and bring us some HONOR, it's everyone's job, from the lower Apprentice to the higher OverLord to help the honor of our mighty clan not to soffer for our inability to do something we like.

For the glory of Exar Kun !

Sith OverLord Khan Kunar

Heir of Exar Kun

Consul of Clan Exar Kun


SO Khan Kunar(Sith)/CON/Clan Exar Kun[PA: CT] [KSOE:KCE] [ACC:INI]



" The Power tires only those who do not have it. " Giulio Andreotti, former Italian Prime Minister.

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