Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Dark Greetings All   

Well this time I screwed it really bad , sorry guys , I screwed it :( the computer blew so I had a really bad downtime . The good news are : We are 7 in BoF (if you didn't know) so lets give Frosty a big hand ;) . Second important news is that I got here the Jo dedicated server , known as XS-PC-2 so it will basically be 2 dedicated lines here on 1 IP with the same high speed :) . Now the third and most important one : GREAT JEDI WAR (YAY) ! So hurry hurry  hurry and don't screw it up ! Got it ! Good ! So lets show them what we're made off . I'll be running a pole soon about which mod I should use or no mod server :P . Activity is going to be  

checked soon so please reply Zet's wonderfull AWOL check :P nothing fancy to do just send him the line : "I am here dude" along with some other thingie called ID line :P Well I hope this

covers up the 2 weeks so don't forget :

                                    "It's a cold war,  

                                      Where the mechanics roar   

                                       And bodies lie down cold  

                                        In this war so old . "   

                                                                Great Jedi War poem by   

                                                                  Your beloved (yea right)  

                                                                   SGT of Bof X-Pilot .  

Ok now the medals and promos ;P

Medals :

Zekkie got a little cute Crescent with Emerald for the second place in ICTE :)

Promos :

Promos are comming soon ;)

Well this is all for this week ;) Let's rock this team guys . If you don't know where the castle

map isn't you will have it on the dedicated :) Plus new server management HTML written in ASP :)

                                                            Sincerely ,  

                                                              Your Bof Sergeant   

                                                                2265 OP X-Pilot out .  

OP X-Pilot (Obelisk)/SGT/Cestus of Tarentum [ACC: L]



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