Overdue promotions


Overdue promotions

I have begun to look around more closely in the Clans and I noted that SWL Drako has served as Consul of Clan Satal Keto for a full year with little recognition. He has always been there for his members and has always tried to provide them with an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. So, I have decided to promote him to the rank of Dark Adept. Good job.

Also, SBL Gord Darkonian has been doing his duties of Pronconsul well. He was often the voice of reason in heated arguments and also encouraged activity and fun whenever possible. He is hereby promoted to the rank of Sith Warlord.

This is only the first round of rewards for those who deserve it. I'm expecting many recommendations in the coming weeks and each one of them will be given proper attention.

Congratulations to both Gord and Drako. These promotions are well deserved and long-overdue!

I hope you both continue the great work!

I'm a little late on this but whatever. :P Gratz gents, now maybe those Rogue Jedi chics will give you a little more play now. ;)

Shiny new ranks abound! :)

Congratulations to the both of you.

Congrats to you both! :)

Just want to say thx FF and Jac.
Also many thx to Pyr and the CSK summit members, without you guys my life as PCON would have been way more difficult and less fun.

well after such elequince from Pyr all I can say is


Drako, Gord...
I know I speak for many of CSK and the DB when I say thanks for what you have done. It is not only what you have done for a "clan." A mere unit in a broader picture, you have provided so much more. There is a much stronger personal connection you have made with so many in both support, guidance, and leadership. Though, words are never enough. They are simple, frivolous attempts to say what we are thinking. I'd like to think our friendship and trust built over such a short time as only six months expresses it much more profoundly and meaninfully. Like many others, you are skeptical. But hope, drive, and motivation will finally free us from these shackles which bind us to the times of old. With strength, there is unity. With pride for a Brotherhood, there is prosperity. May darkness guide us.

Thank you very much FF! Cheers everyone for the congrats :))

I'd like to thank my Clan, without you this would never of happened, my summits for the hard work they put in and Pyralis for getting me back to my motivated self!

In this new Era of change for the DB, it's encouraging to see us old crew are still looked after! Big up the old skool crew! :P :))

Bring on the women:P

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