Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

Clan Exar Kun ProConsul report #1

ProConsul’s desk

That’s right boys and girls, It’s a report from the ProConsul. As most of you now know, I’m the new face in the CEK clan Summit following Gilkane’s resignation. With my rise to PCON, Warrior KnightofRage has now been appointed to Quaestor of house Ziost. Knight has long been my Aedile in Ziost and I know he will do a great job.

Following the Independence Games, where we placed 4th. We have now been plunged into the Great Jedi War ( The GJW is the biggest event possible within the Dark Brotherhood and I expect a lot of activity put into it. Within our first year, CEK has made many accomplishments. We were 4th in the Bloodrites competition, 4th in Capital Gain’s and 4th in the IG’s. Seeing as we are on a trend of 4th, I expect us to place no less than this in the GJW.

On the sidelines, many of you may have have noticed that myself, Jonaleth and Khan had a meeting earlier this week. During the meeting we discussed a great many things for the future of CEK. So don’t be surprised by a few of the changes we have in store.


1 active competition:-

Title:- Morale of the GJW

Plot:- Write a piece of poetry or song to boost the morale of CEK during the GJW..

Sent to:- Enteries must be sent to Overlord Khan Kunar.

ProConsul “To-Do” list

A list of what I’m actually doing in the background:-

  1. Finish a full list of Combat techniques to go with Jonaleth’s Clan Powers.

  2. Write the edits to the Acarr System

  3. Continue setting up the new layout of the Tome of Exar Kun

  4. Establish the Holonet (Held until the GJW is over)

  5. Organise the construction of the new CEK site

  6. Find 1 Krath, 1 Obelisk and 1 sith who are willing to become my slaves…errrr students.

  7. Find some other way to make Khan hit the ceiling.


0 Transfers this week.


1 Promotion.

Apprentice Heather -> Novice



20 medals awarded.

KPN Jonaleth Isradia Kunar Aquillarum -> Steel Cross

KPN Jonaleth Isradia Kunar Aquillarum -> Amethyst Crescent x3

KPN Jonaleth Isradia Kunar Aquillarum -> Ruby Crescent x2

KPN Jonaleth Isradia Kunar Aquillarum -> Topaz Crescent

SWM Talon Jade Aquillas -> Star of Antei

KP Vally Aquillarum Tamalar -> Star of Antei

KP Vally Aquillarum Tamalar -> Ruby Crescent

KP Vally Aquillarum Tamalar -> Sapphire Crescent

DJK Jaysun Adumarii Isradia -> Dark Cross

DJK Jaysun Adumarii Isradia -> Sapphire Crescent

DJK Cipher K'oranian Isradia -> Dark Cross

JH Tsune Corinya -> Dark Cross

GRD DarkTraveller -> Dark Cross

GRD DarkTraveller -> Emerald Crescent

KP Vithril Isradia -> Amethyst Crescent

KP Vithril Isradia -> Topaz Crescent

KP Vithril Isradia -> Emerald Crescent

Shadow Academy Course’s

2 courses completed

JH Tsune Corinya -> Krath Poetry

NOV Malum -> Obelisk Core

Dark Regards

Prelate Khalin Kunar

ProConsul of Clan Exar Kun

Heir of Exar Kun

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