GJW Strife Over


GJW Strife Over

A lot has happened during the GJW. Things were said, and feelings were hurt. A lot of pride was at stake during the GJW. People felt it their duty to defend themselves and their clan.

What does this translate to? Pointless arguing, insulting, and whining. Things have gone on long enough as I see it. With the close of the GJW, this mentality needs to go with it, as past history.

I start the ball rolling now with my own clan, Taldryan. We are done with all the insulting and arguing. Anyone from my clan caught doing so should be reported to me, so I can deal with the matter. Everything that was said is in the past, and that's where it needs to stay. Taldryan will not partake in any more of this pettiness, and I hope others will join in this.

You've done an honorable thing to step up like this, Sharad.

I would like to express similiar standing in relation to Clan Arcona. Many things have happened over the course of the past few months, a few of which eventually culminated in my appointment to this position. But it's over now, and it's time to move on.

Good call as usual, Shar. ;)

 ~ Mage

Agreed, you are an honor to your Clan, Sharad.

Same applies for Clan Scholae Palatinae, send me word if any of my guys or gals is causing problems. mIRC logs greatly appreciated also. :)

-- Consul Saitou

now this strangely sounds like phase 1 of the GJW :P

Tiss, it's quite simple really. If they "don't want to change themselves", then disciplinary action will be taken. So they will be changed anyway. Hope this clears things up.

Yeah fairplay Sharad :) All the bickering i beleive was beginning to effect those trying to get on with it. I got some of it too......from members of my own clan, but hell....it happens.
One reason why i am now looking into a new home for me :P

Again m8, congrats, well said, but your still a Benny ;))

This what you say is really geat thing, but that's only a theory, unfortunatelly. I'm not saying about yours Clans, just in general. I heard enough crap about Alvaak on DB IRC channel, from people, silly jokes and rude comments. Well, one post here won't change this, and don't expect me to have a respect for that kind of people, who insult other clan with blind passion, only to make themself feel better. I can deal with them in the talk, but this doesn't mean it is okay. Hell, no, it is not. It is so easy to say a crap about others and not to bother even to find out if you're right, if your arguments are true or not. What for, it's a way easier to just plug shameless on someone else. So I don't share yours enthusiasm even when I think yours idea as a great one, but experience tells me it's just another empty promise. Cause people won't change themself, some are just egotists and will make the excuses and continue to insult others, they may call it fun, but in fact it is only a way to feel themself as someone better than really are.

I concur with you on this Sharad. Well said. Tarentum hereby pledges to do the same. Any offenders from Clan Tarentum should be reported to myself or Consul Ciara.

SBL Jondaar Domi(Sith)PCON/Tarentum

Good move, Sharad - and I think that I speak for my entire Clan when I say CSK will gladly join this "alliance". We're here to have fun and thus everyone really needs to reconsider what is friendly rivalry or competitive spirit and what is just insulting and thus unnecessary.

Cute :P

I was actually thinking the same thing :)

CSK is with ya on this Sharad!
Always encouraged a bit of competitiveness, but insults are out of order. Lets make this a focus of the new Era!

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