My Resignation


My Resignation

I wanted you guys to hear it from the horse's mouth.

Following the verdict of the High Court of Inquisitors, I have decided that I will be leaving the Emperor's Hammer altogether. Shortly, all my profiles will be deleted, and I will not be returning.

It has taken me a long time to grow out of the EH, but two major events within it have opened my eyes very very wide to many nuances and subtleties here - things that really shouldn't be here, and things that mean that I cannot choose to stay.

I cannot, in all conscience, allow the High Court to punish me for something that I did not do. I cannot, in all conscience, accept their incorrect verdict as truth - which if I were to remain would be what I was doing.

I hope you can all understand my reasons for doing this. I will miss all of you very much, and hope to keep in touch with as many of you as I can.

My thanks to all of you for all the time and effort you put into this organisation. My thanks for your friendship and the care that you have lavished upon me. And lastly, my most heartfelt thanks for all your kind words of support, esteem, and respect. It means a great deal to me, to know that I have been so loved. If I leave behind me one person who will do as I have done, and fight for what is right and good in this organisation, who will help their friends, and care for their subordinates and comrades, then I have done well here, and I have everything to be proud of.

Good luck with whatever you plan on doing with your life Mai. I have not always seen eye to eye with you and have even butted heads with you on a couple of occassions, but you have also stood up for what you believed in and are completely faithful to anyone you lead. You stood up for me in my own HCI case and that will never be forgotten. All the best Mai

What can I say.

As for how long I've known about this, that doesn't matter. What does matter is what I've told Mai personally, but I feel the desire to reiterate it to her again in public.

Mai, I've enjoyed working with you. You were one of the forces that kept me here, you were a pleasure to work with when I was QUA of Gladius, during your tenure as KHP. I've enjoyed the time spent as your Praetor. I've had the opportunity to work on a couple of ideas that should be of great benefit to the group, if I'm allowed to finish them.

As for where the Brotherhood stands, and heads, in your departure, that is in the hands of those who choose to stay. The Brotherhood is, however, notedly lacking in your absence. We can move on, but we can never replace you.

Darkness guide, Mairin.


There's a lot to be learned with Mai's sacrifice. The most respected people are those who don't forsake their friends for a high ranking position and those who do what's right despite the consequences. Mairin, you are one of a handful of people who have made the past 8 years of my career in the Emperor's Hammer a blast. It hurts to see so many of my closest EH friends go in the past few days.

With utmost sincerity,
Nick (Kelric)

Hey all,

I'm extremely sad to hear this even from you mai, as you where one of the few (ok a few in relative of this clan :P) I most respected within the EH, hope you'll rember us all when you leave us, and hope you rember us all....

Karim, the mad scotsman :P

Mairin, I just want to reiterate the same as everyone else has said, you are a fantastic person who has enriched mine and many others DB experiences. Looks like I'll never get to work with you in the TC now!

Keep in touch and best of luck with anything you take on, you're a smart girl, you'll do well.

Your friend,


It's a sad day for the EH. I've lost all respect I had left for the HCI by now (not the INQs, that is still something different). One day things may change, hopefully in a peaceful way.

I can understand you completely, I'd do the same, and I heard so would many others. I know you aren't guilty, and I am unable to tolerate injustice.

I'm sure I can speak for Aleema if I say we'll miss you, despite all the differences we've had. It's especially sad for me, because who do I butt heads with now? :o)

Darkness defend

I'll miss you...thanks for all that you have done, and your mentorship.

Good bye, Mai.
I hope we'll still see you around some day... Good luck with whatever you'll do!

Never had the pleasure of directly serving under you, but good luck in whatever you do ;)

Mairin... you were one of the very few rocks of support I've always had. I've never had the pleasure - or, rather, perhaps the honor - of serving with you in the TIE Corps, but you made my time as Headmaster a lot easier and a lot more rewarding.

You're one of the very few people who really looks out for other people in this club, and it's a sad, sad day that we have to give that treasured gift up.

Good luck with the future, and thanks for the past. ;)

 ~ Mage 

Is that a "You can't fire me, I quit" speech?

Goodbye and Good luck Mai. I hope you'll still think about poping in the Chal chan from time to time. I hope you enjoy your job and what you do. :-)

Bye bye Maimai. So good they had to name it twice - you know where this quote comes from =) Times were good in the DB with you and on Wing X. See ya around.

Mai, you will be missed by all of us in HLK who knew you. You were one of the high ranking members of the DB whose loyalty and determination I've come to greatly admire in my years with this organisation. It is truely sad to see you leave.


Farewell Mairin... It is a shame it came down to this.

You were one of the most hard working DC members I have ever come across,
the DB will feel your loss.

Good luck with RL!

Farewell, Mistress. Sorry to see you go like this.

Sorry to see you go Mai. We might not have seen eye to eye on...well..most subjects, you have earned and always have my respect.

Is it me or are good DC members quiting or getting fired? Anyway Mia you will be missed, in my opinion u were the best!
-GL with the present but always the future

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