Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

House Marka Ragnos Quaestor Report #4

Okay, a real QUA report, since I do have some things to announce…

First of all, Starlion has been added to the house summit again. Yes, again. He has been the Rollmaster of HMR before. His duties are more or less what he’s doing now. Maintaining the website, but now also it’s his task to keep the roster up to date.

Next up, HMR will see a major change soon. I don’t like order restrictions, even if they don’t exist anymore. Some limit’s will always be around, be it in name or otherwise. Thus, I have decided to make HMR Multi Order. Yes, we’ll be the first Krath house to do so, and yes, we’ll be writing history. But at least we’ll have no more restrictions as to what anyone wants to do. You want to be a Sithlet? No problem. Obbie? Go ahead. Krathling? By all means. Do whatever you want if it comes down to that. I won’t stop you.

You will have to wait until HMR’s alignment is changed, but His Malness has told me he will take care of that. So if you want to bug anyone, bug him. If you want to know details, bug me. :-P

And for the rest… one medal was handed out. An Emeral Crescent for Erlandil. Congrats. :-)

And I am hoping for more of shinies as soon as the GJW standings are made public.

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