Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Yeah...I lied. It's most certainly not Friday night. But, as seems to always be the case, things didn't go as I'd planned. On top of the usual, "Yay! It's Friday! Time to hang out with friends until 3 in the morning!"..uh, stuff, my computer's decided to be a bit of a bitch the past couple days. I would've had this out yesterday..but, yeah, the computer sucked.

Anyways, onwards. On to talk about medals, the GJW and other such fun stuff.

Firstly, the medals. I was awarded a Crescent with Emerald Star, for taking second in one of the IG events. Then, Spears was awarded Steel Cross, 2 Clusters of, wait, make that 3 CoF's....and, that's everything as far as medals and promotions are concerned.

Nextly, the GJW. As you're all aware, we pretty much sucked in the first chapter of this. None of the Mystics participated...which is just nauseating. I know, I haven't exactly been very motivational...but I shouldn't have to be. You all should be doing this stuff on your own. It's not's not like we haven't had comps before. So, since you've no excuses...go out there and do something! None of the events are too terribly difficult...even Spears can do them.

So, I will now leave you with that. That means, end of report. And time for you to get your ass in gear and start doing stuff for the GJW. We need to 0wnz at this, people.

KAP Jason Hunter Maz'ainar (Krath)/TET/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: F]



SQXO/LCNL Jason Hunter[SSD Balestarius]/Wing Xiphos/Kunai



--Proud Wing V Vet! WC's OWN: MAR 2001, SEPT 2001

Wing V, The Hammer's Hellfighters: Winner, TIE Corps Commander's Award --

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