I remember when I got my first merit award in the Emperor's Hammer. It was in January or February of 1997. I was a CMDR/BG by then. I got it for flying a five or so TIE battles from the REAAAAALLLY old mission compendium. I can't really remember who gave it to me. It could have been my WC...or maybe it was my COM. Regardless, it was in Theta Squadron...over six years ago. I remembered that time. As if joining the Emperor's Hammer wasn't thrilling enough after coming off of the high of TIE Fighter Disk with Defender of the Empire and Enemies of the Empire... Blowing up rebels is so fun. I remember that moment when I got my first medal how fun it was. I was estatic - literally off the wall the rest of the day. Happy not only as a lowly Brigadier General (LCM/CM) - but as a person.

Project: Dark Fury

Very little can substitute for it - at least for a lifelong Sith... But I've had fun writing run-ons. Submerging myself into the reality of my world. Describing the touch...the feel...the air of my surroundings. The preception of reality or fantasy - those i interact with or those who I kill savagely. In defense and pride for my unit. Or as an Obelisk, standing before your opponent on the battleground. The terrestrial surface you held such a connection to before a powerful foe armed with a weapon of instantaneous death. To protect your own life or the life of an order or clan. It could be the last minute you lived - an ultimate fate you could not avoid. But was it time?

Recently, I have not been having fun. Many events that surround us have detracted from my ability to have fun. The destruction of the medal and promotion system detracted from it. As a Quaestor in CSK, I experienced unnecessary and destructive egotism on the part of certain individuals. As a DC member, I have seen demoralizing jabs, self-destructive behavior, and now, a questioning Brotherhood. This is not fun, my brothers.

Many have little faith in anyone's ability to change anything. There are skeptics to the extreme. Some even believe that nothing has changed. However, some believe change has occurred. They believe that it hasn't only been a nominal change, but a change in ideas. They see, for the first time in a long time, the hope for a brighter future. The expectations are great. But the prospect of better times is too much for many. They support what they see, but are generally silent. The majority is always silent. But again, the question comes. How do we have fun.

I want to know what you think. I don't want just the same old comment posters to talk. I want to hear everyone. I want to hear the summits. I want to hear the tyros. I want to hear the troopers and flight members. I want to hear the battle team leaders. I want to hear about the times you had fun. I want to hear how youÂ’ve had fun. I want to hear about the special moments that keep you going in the Brotherhood. E-mail me and FF now. [Log in to view e-mail addresses] OR [Log in to view e-mail addresses], AND [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Or click [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Flood the mailboxes like you've never done before.

Sith Warlord Pyralis, Headmaster

Shadow you idiot, what are you talking about? grins

I think to answer the question at hand we must turn to a wise philosopher, when asked "What is best in life," Conan replied with the simple answer,

"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

For me, this is the best thing about the Dark Brotherhood. The fierce loyalty that members have to their clans and brethren. The willingness they have to throw down at a moment's notice in defense of their clan's honor. And the desire to crush all enemies.

It's that role-playing that keeps me coming back to the DB each day. I love my clan, and would fight for her, and have done so. At times I have expressed this love for my clan verbally, as well as my dislike for other clans. But, I have done so all in the name of this grand game. It's when people begin to take this personally that the fun turns into hate. It is a very thin line. Judging from previous news articles, this line has been crossed much of late.

I agree with Sharad's earlier post that the insults must stop, but I want to clarify that. To me, a member of Taldryan saying that "CSK sucks" is not an insult. It's part of the game. No member would be in a clan unless they thought that they're clan was the best(except for the power hunters, but that's a different thing all together). I fully expect and enjoy a friendly bout of yelling with other clan members shouting the epitaphs of their clan's matriarchal heritage, while at the same time touting the excellence of my clan. That is fun.

Obviously if people were just here to play the games, they could go elsewhere. What makes this the place for people is the community. The friends, the enemies, and the bitter rivals.

Anyway, I've babbled for a bit now, time to take my leave.

OBM Gryffon(Obelisk)/TRP/Kirleta of Satal Keto

err...why does the HM need to know how the rest of us have fun? I didn't think that was part of your job description :P

Anyways, the best way to have fun in this club, is to get to know the people in it, make friends, and don't let every little comment get to you. Nowadays if someone calls someone else an idiot they'll run straight to the HCI in tears.
Believe me, you'll be a lot happier just taking the crap and hanging out with friends.

Oh, the occasional MP comp is good too :P

kills Mike

We had 42 comments, the perfect number... and you ruined it. Bah. Bah I say!


All this "if you insult my Clan you insult me and I will demand REVENGE! BWAHAHAA - HCI" leads nowhere. If you people hat some wits, you'd just challenge the insulting member's Clan (or maybe house - or phyle) to a Trial of Grievance.

Leave superiors out of this and leave the HCI at home. Everytime you come on crying to the powers that be (to quote Holo) you are falling back to the age of six where you came crying to yo momma because Jimmy had hurt you.

Be a man (or a woman!) and solve this how TRUE Jedi would solve it - through FIGHT.

Respect can't be ordered. It must be earned.

Btw, I thought the headmaster was supposed to be watching over the SA peons. :P Oh wait, but this is a good way to look active and get some precious promos that everyone slitting each other's throats for. :-D

See? Conflict is inevitable. Khobai and Blade weren't always the center of heated debate. If they aren't the instigators, others will fill their position. :-P

Maybe I can sort out some things here,

Gryffon, I was also on when you insulted Alvaak, and you did yo, if necessary i can send you the log of it.

Second, when you insult a Clan you also insult it's members. A lot of us give their very best to make Alvaak a better place, you lower our work by just talking crap in officially channels.

Third, we have an Alvaak saber, it is the saber of the Alvaak Clansmen. You achieve it the moment you are promoted to DJK. All other cutomized sabers are following exactly the same rules as all other Clans in the DB.

Fourth, we have 1 special ship, thats the Torpedo Sphere Empress Teta. The ET isn`t allowed to use in any Competitions. See it somehow as well defended Home Planet.

Fifth, House Ronin achieved 3rd in the Sith War with me as QUA. I can remember that a few ones were quite impressed when we reached this. So don`t even dare to name us in any way inactive.

Sixth, when you have a problem with Alvaak as Clan, then you might go and complain to the DGM, GM, XO and FC. It is simply Ronin's Clan, and therefore it will stay were it is. I have the honour to be the Consul of the Clan, and I will take any bad mouthed word against Alvaak as an attack against me.

So I would reccomendate that you zip in future your oppinion about Alvaak in any open EH related channel, otherwise we will discuss this again, butthis time with your superiors.

I don`t want to be an ass, but if you go on to badmouth Alvaak i will be one.

SBM Frey Gallandro (SITH)/CON/Clan Alvaak

But not to abuse the comment function would be.. uh.. logical. Hey, we had FUN here, and that was what this thing was about, wasn't it? :o)

still going strong...cause Tarentum still ROCKS :P

Maybe fun would mean resolving the above throught a feud? And maybe stuff like custom sabers awarded lower be given to the top house in the GJW instead?

Okay, I don't know how many of you can read, but I guess it's roughly 55%. Now, for our little exercise we scroll up... yeah, good! Further... over the "Drako for DGM"-issue... Further! There comes the bitching between Tiss and Gryff... Further!

Okay! We finally reached the rigth spot - Pyralis' news post. Now we take a detailed look at his last statements:

"E-mail me and FF now. [Log in to view e-mail addresses] OR [Log in to view e-mail addresses], AND [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. Or click here"

In case you didn't found out, yet, the important part here is "E-mail me". And what does that tell us?


If you have an idea, go and mail Pyralis. MAIL!


Well yeah Arania.. I'm willing to give it my best shot, till I get fired or they find someone better:P Hasn't been opened up yet tho has it....

Prepare the Campaign already! :PP
I'll get a speech together! lol

True, calm down everyone we get over this. :P

/me shakes Gryffon's hand and makes up

I would just like to say, that I hope you enjoyed our entertainment, and that everything is peachy now. And hopefully Tiss can have fun again :)


Bah, quit your arguing, fools. The whole point of this chain was to have FUN. Anyway, I'd like to point out that in Alvaak, Dark Jedi Knight's get the option of having the Alvaak claymore. It is 1 saber, think of it as having 1 extra option on the DB database. DJK's cannot customize it with a different handle, and obviously not a different blade because it would not be the claymore. Alvaak is the Overlord's clan, if you don't like it, take it up with him.

Drako, why don't you just put up a "Drako for DGM" sign? :o)

Gryff... relax... The argument is over. Concentrate people!

At this time I think the committee is a good idea. If it's given the go ahead... I'm sure you'll be on the panel Arania, along with many others with good ideas. If needed I'm more then happy to chair it?

I'll make sure the powers that be see this when I get back! :P

Blah :P Alright, we can make it faster, just gemme the gun, we won't even go outside. :P

I'd like to state for the record that I did NOT use personal insults :P


I have no idea Tiss....

But if are having problems or there's things you dislike, the Current DC need to know about it. I personally want to help with the new changes, if you can't get hold of them... feel free to mail me!

(note- I've managed to nab some internet, but no mail access at Work, so I'll collect it in a few hrs, when I get back home!)

Just give us the blasters and we will take it outside. :P

Only if I'm in that comitee, Drako, cuz I never got to implement all my ideas when that <censored> Feathor went mad. :p

Actually, the main thing that's needed is creativity. Something most people either seem to lack lately or don't want to see wasted because their suggestions won't be taken anyway. Or are talked down by certain others.

Oh, and with my weird sense of humor, I found some fun in the masses of personal insults exchanged between Tiss and Gryffles here. Isn't it ironic how a thread about fun can turn into a bitchfight :o)</censored>

For me, fun ended couple of days ago, try to guess why.

I've got a CTF league that i've drafted up, I just need to work out some things, and then submit it to the powers that be. Hopefully, we can get some member interest as well.


Ok lads... this doens't need to turn ugly for the public.

This is clearly an issue that needs to be discussed by our DC, remember the focus of this topic was FUN. So let's move the focus to this...

Likewise Pyralis... I remember fondly the days in Typhoon, my first squadron. The winning... the glory... the competition. What is needed is a little innovation in our competitions... something to relight the spark.

I have 9 month drafted Wargame... needs a little tweeking, but I have a feeling it will get the DB excited again. How about setting up a competition committee? With a collection of more experienced organisers... We could have one that works!

Special Treatment is anything that no other clan gets. Aka a special blade, and the ability to have a custom saber to Ranks before any other clan, and consider it can takes months to years to achieve those higher ranks, that makes it a big deal.


you said the blade AND special treatment, so explain your words, WHAT special treatment.
I said, yes we have Alvaakian Claymore, and that's the ONLY thing which is what makes Alvaak different than other clans. The Blade! Nothing more, but still you said "special treatment" so explain that or admit that you were wrong at this one.

Special Blade, Custom Saber two full ranks before anyone else. Noone else even get's the opportunity to have these things, yet it is freely given to Alvaak. Any special treatment is still special treatment. Noone should be exempt from the rules.


BS Gryffon. All we have different than other Clans is the Alvaakian Claymore. That's all. And what special treatment on earth you talking about?! Have you seen anyone from Alvaak who became a DC member? Everyone from DC comes from Arcona. Or almost everyone. There was only Khaland who get the DC spot, but he was just fired. So I ask you again WHAT special treatment you talking about ?!

About Tarentum, it was only an example, read what I write if you want comment that later, and the only one who should apology, is you.

First off, I think you should apologize to poor Demerzel for insulting his clan. He is just a poor innocent bystander, and has done nothing to deserve your wrath. If you wish to call CSK, " a clan full of heathen and imbeciles, that would be better served staffing a whorehouse than being in the DB" then I would accept your opinion. You would be much better served by doing that then personally insulting me.

As far as why I don't like Alvaak:

It never should have been a clan. Ever since Faethor opened it up from being a lost clan, it has had preferential status, because Ronin was on the roster at some point in time. And because of that, they get special treatment. They get custom sabers earlier, they get special custom sabers, etc... They get things that they have in no way earned. Preferential status without earning is just a bunch of BS. Show me what Alvaak has actually done to earn those things, and then I will give up my dislike for the Clan. And instead I will concentrate on earning them for my own. But since they didn't earn them, and there is no way to earn them, all it does, is breed contempt for a Clan that never should have been. The only thing that special treatment for Alvaak says to me, is that people who are looking for the quick way to power will join it in the hopes of fulfillment of that dream. The sad fact is however, is that other clans take top honors in combat, other clans are the ones where our leadership comes from. So why don't these people get special treatment? Because the GA was never on their roster.


hmmm, it didn't post my fake HTML tags, frelling contraption....

So? :P Tarentum still rocks the house :P

wooo Tarentum </ex Cestus QUA cheer>

CSK is da BEST!!!</current member yell>

Yeah well Tarentum still rocks ;)

You sit too blindly in your hate. I said that I don't like Alvaak, I'm so terribly sorry that my opinion has besmirched the honor and integrity of your clan. However your actions in it's defense have done far worse than I could ever attempt to do. I state my opinion, and your procede to personally insult me. Instead of defending your clan, you try to attack me. YOU should listen to your own words. I'm not wrong, because I express my opinion. It is completely subjective, there is no wrong or right in that matter. Whether you like my opinion or not doesn't make it wrong or right. Since you preach about "stopping the insults," maybe you should practice it. Instead of hurling epitaphs about me, maybe you should try to tell me why I shouldn't dislike your clan.

I think we should have one of those fun chat room things were little people walk around. Like Habbo Hotel, but without the credits and wierdo's and stuff. But there should be rooms and offices and stuff. And characters with kool clothes/outfits and stuff. Although that would be really really hard to do, and i doubt the creators of Habbo or a simular chat program would make one for free :P But something like that would be fun, and imagine all the kool things you could wear and do.

You DID insult my Clan on public channel. Don't hide now what you did. But you had this badluck that I'm not someone who stands aside and keeps the mouth shut when see like other is giving a crap about Alvaak, and yes I'm impulssive person and won't stand anyone who offend something I value and am loyal to. To be honest right now, your opinion means nothing for me, cause now you're saying that you do not like this or that just to show that you will never admit that you were wrong, on prupose. I can tell you that you pissed me off so don't be surprise now that I keep it in mind, and won't let it go just like that. And even if you would kick me out from the channel using for this someone with op access it would change nothing, or worse, you would show that your arguments are over. It's so easy to say this or that sucks, and don't bother to check if you're right, what for! It's more fun to offend and makes rumors behind someone's back. You know it Gryffon, don't you? So, the conclusion is, I wouldn't give a broken cent for what you are saying.

Yeah Jedi are wimps and rebels are scum ;)

And competitive side I prefer something called sportsmanship. Accepting defeat with honour and being gracious in defeat as well as respecting the opponent.

Oh yeah and there is another way of stating your absolute loyalty to your Clan and your dislike of the others, in a more positive like. It goes something like...


Like I said, I don't believe that things like that are insults. I did not resort to anything on a personal level. In fact I stated that I had nothing against anyone in Alvaak. I just stated that I don't like Alvaak. You were the one attacking me, and resorting to inflamatory language, which is why you were threatened to be kicked and not me.


Like I said, I don't believe that things like that are insults. I did not resort to anything on a personal level. In fact I stated that I had nothing against anyone in Alvaak. I just stated that I don't like Alvaak. You were the one attacking me, and resorting to inflamatory language, which is why you were threatened to be kicked and not me.


"the insults must stop" Gryffon, look first at yourself. You have so short memory or don't want to remember how did you gave a shit about my Clan (Alvaak) on #db not so long time ago ? You know, when Maverick wanted to kick me out the channel, when I said what I think about such an idiotic comments as yours. I bet you remember that :P So, I suggest you to stop have a go on Alvaak, and then is the right moment for talk to ppl that they should stop to bitchslap eachother. Start the changes from yourself.

It was argue between Gryff and me. But we talked about it on IRC. Hugged and made up, so we are cool now. We cleared up all misunderstandings, shook the hands. So, if we made up, what are you arguing still about ? :P

Uh, the DC is involved enough as it is :o)

Regarding Krath... well, the GJW events were just boring. Write a poem, write a story... it can all be spiced up a bit, like the Phyle comp we are planning atm.

Main fun killer - the intrigues and power plays. Seeing how some people now go about the free DC positions... it can make one sick.

Rivalry to a certain point is a good thing. It's when it gets to "CSK is nothing but a " or "Taldryan **" that it gets negative.

That, and anytime is comes down to personal insults of people instead of clans, it's definately bad.

I'd like to see more fiction, interesting competition angles like the one Mairin tried to work, yet simplified for the masses.

I think Jac's return to the DC will stimulate a lot of activity between the DC and Clan Summits, but perhaps the thing that's killing us the most is the lack of actual interesting activities. At least I found this true when I was an Obelisk. Tournaments every week with shiny medals that were worth about as much as my bodily fluids. Nothing even remotely tied into being "Dark Jedi", just nameless point and shoot competitions, with rotating yet non-varying schemes.

Sith wise, fly this battle, fly that battle, a lot of them being TC missions. Lack of creativity on part of designing new things that perhaps we haven't flown.

Krath, no complaints, Tronsta is my super-favorite KHP shameless sycophantia :P

Perhaps one thing I'd like to see more of is the DC getting personally involved in Houses, but not to the extent you'd think. I mean offering various 'Dark Jedi'-like tasks, not monitoring us for what we do wrong. Not that I'm saying this regime is guilty of that, but it's been the highlight of previous GMs who shall remain unnamed.

Regular DSC updates. It's deplorable how long it's gone since an update. I'd hate to imagine that Mairin has a " few female Dark Jedi Acolytes" seen entering her quarters at odd hours.

Oh, and more people doing their jobs like they should be, and less whining about various problems that have to be overcome.

Why should i tell you anything, i think you should tell first what so terrible Alvaak done to you, that you hate us so much?
And you really have short memory, and if you don't find nothing wrong in what you said then about Alvaak, then let me say the same about your clan if this is so totally right.
So following this way, if i said: Tarentum sucks, is shity, the greatest crap in DB history and should be close, you would be satisfy, hmm? If that's okay with you, then I have totally different opinion than you about "end of insults" cause words like this means the begining not the end for me.
So don't play a victim now, it won't change anything.

"Regarding Krath... well, the GJW events were just boring. Write a poem, write a story... it can all be spiced up a bit, like the Phyle comp we are planning atm."

Three words - Erotic Fiction Competition.

It was argue between Gryff and me. But we talked about it on IRC. Hugged and made up, so we are cool now. We cleared up all misunderstandings, shook the hands. So, if we made up, what are you arguing still about ? :P

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