Lord Marshal Report


Lord Marshal Report

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Marshal James McKenna

A new report after two weeks of nothingness. First the usual important general stuff: The Great Jedi War is in full swing and we're winning. That's good! Everybody, go play!

The new Lord Marshal site has gone live and can be access through: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/lm/site/html/. Big props go to Deputy Korras who did a really good work on the page itself. On this note, we're still trying to fill it with content. At the moment, you can access a small number of patches and missions for the flying sim. Eventually, however, we plan to mirror a full file database there with stuff going so far as to even have Allegiance uploaded there.

On this very site, the Rules of Engagement have also been uploaded. Either read them here or scroll down to the bottom of this report to save you some time. Those rules are official - I can't stress that enough. If you violate them and get reported, you'll be held responsible.

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  <td valign="top" bgcolor="#990000">**Dark Brotherhood

Players Association**

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As you may have read from the news pages, Kelric has stepped down as Baron in favor of Spears. This was due to Kelric being unable to actually play Star Wars Galaxies. I'm happy to report that Spears has been doing a very good job so far. I'll have the Baron himself speak up:

    <div align="left">_Work continues on our planned expansion to the

planet of Naboo where we plan to establish an outpost type city.  Once Obsidian City reaches the point where it is self sustainable we can begin the process of building our new city.  Khobai has already set aside most of the structures we need for the new city and one of our members is working on Politican so that he can manage the city when this does happen.

In recent weeks our city was attacked by a group of Rebel players.  This happened extremely early in the mornign while our base was vulnerable and we lost our Imperial Base.  Construction of a new base as well as fortification of the city is currently still on the drawing board until Kelric returns. 

Our weekend hunts are still going on although with hectic summer scheduels attendence has been a bit light.  We are working on increasing this by increasing the number of hunts we hold on the weekend.  This is still in discussion amoung members to find the best times for the most members.

We are getting more members from the DBJ to join especailly resently which is a large plus.  My hope is that the more members we can get to join the PA the better.  If members who have been recruited in game can see the interaction bonus from members who are active in the DBJ we may be able to get more and more of them to take active roles in the DBJ as well as in SWG._


We are also currently working on a way to get DBPA-members enlisted to the DB without them having to actually pass the Shadow Academy. This is due to the fact that a lot of DBPA-members who come from outside the DB just want to play SWG and have almost nothing to do with the DB itself. Naturally, those people will never hold the same rights as normal DB-members without passing the same courses.

<tr align="center">
  <td valign="top" bgcolor="#990000">**Rules of


  <td valign="top">The meat and potatoes of our multiplayer matches have

finally be ratified and are now here for your viewing pleasure. Behold the official DB Rules of Engagement (RoE):

  > _These Rules of Engagement (RoE) are general guidelines

to be used in a competition. If specific things contrary to these guidelines are not outlined prior to a competition, the rules will follow these guidelines by default. Competition hosts are free to modify these rules with proper notice given to the participants at the start of the competition.



    1. _Submissions without proper ID-lines will be voided._

    2. _Plagiarism is illegal._

  > **_XvT/XWA:_**

    1. _"W"-trick is illegal (alternating between lasers/ions to improve

your ROF)._

    2. _Games should be hosted by both participants. If a game lasts

10 minutes, each participants hosts 5 minutes long (providing there's only two combattants, of course)._

    3. _Scores are set if a disconnect occurs after 3 minutes of playtime._

    4. _Fleeing to recharge shields is illegal._

    5. _Jumping to hyperspace is illegal as well._

  > _**JK/JO/JA:**  


    1. _"Saber-hilt outtime"-rule is NOT getting applied. Whether

you have your saber activated or deactivated, people are free to attack you._

    2. _Spamming moves is legal but frowned upon and labels you officially

as n00b._

    3. _Running for shields and health in Full Force-matches is illegal.

(Note: This is acceptable in Gun-matches)_

    4. _Bacta-tanks usage in saber-matches is illegal._

  > _**GENERAL**  


    1. _Rules of the match have to be agreed on before starting the

match. If you don't, the following defaults apply:__ JK/JO/JA: 10 points, no time, Duel Force (jump, all three sabers, pull, push)__ XvT/XWA: 10 minutes, TIE Interceptors, no shields, no missles, open space_

    2. _Act with courtesy to your opponents._

    3. _Do not play the same opponent for the competitions more than

three (3) times per week. You can play him/her more times - but those will not count towards the competition standings, only the first three will. This rule applies only to competitions that run for more than one day._

    4. _Do not exploit other people's lack of knowledge in a game.

(Don't try to hoodwink people into hosting all of one match in XvT for example.)_

    5. _If the game is lagging, each participant has the option of

quitting it within the first two minutes or before 1/3 of the winning points have been reached (rounded down). After this threshold, leaving a game is illegal._

    6. _You may not play members of your own Clan or members of the

Dark Council for the competitions except when playing team games such as Allegiance. Even in this case, however, if must be agreed upon between the two (or more) players. In all cases there must be at least two members from different Clans playing against one another for the match to count. This rule does not apply to "free for all"-competitions such as combat nights etc. This rule only applies to competitions in a bigger fictional background where Clans(etc.) are battling each other._

    7. _There will be no multiple awards for one game, even if it

counts for multiple competitions._

    8. _Performing an act marked as "illegal" immediatly disqualifies

you and gives the win to your opponent._

    9. _Do not refuse a challenge without a sound reason: if you don't

think your reason will hold up to the Lord Marshal, it's not a sound reason. This rule applies only to competitions that run for more than one day._

    10. _Members violating the rules will face individual punishment.

In addition, their Clan will be severly punished for their misbehaviour as well. This applies only when a bigger competition is on that is embedded in a RP-enviroment and/or uses a point system to track Member and/or Clan(etc.) statistics for at least two days._

And this concludes my exciting and short report. Tune in for another one next week.

Lord Marshal James McKenna



Kelric is back playing SWG again :P

Rules of the match have to be agreed on before starting the match. If you don't, the following defaults apply: JK/JO/JA: 10 points, no time, Duel Force (jump, all three sabers, pull, push) XvT/XWA: 10 minutes, TIE Interceptors, no shields, no missles, open space

^ Agree on rules...sounds like your loophole right there, guys. :P From my understanding, these were more of a guideline for administrators. I.e, Little Noobie Shadow (hope you don't mind me using you as an example, because you pwn) whines that he was hit while he had his saber out and was being all peaceful and whatnot. The admin can point to these rules and say, "Sorry." But if you want to agree with an opponent (and trust them) to follow that rule, I don't see how anyone can stop you. From my understanding, that's how these were supposed to work. Maybe I'm wrong. If I am, I have some issues with them, too. This also makes it easier for people to be dishonorable. For instance, agreeing to not kill each other when sabers are out and then blowing the hell out of them with the first rocket launcher you find -- nothing you could do, according to these rules. But at the same time, it saves administrators, who can't be in the games because they're running the event, a lot of work of refereeing all the people out there who bitch all the time. So...I see a light side and a dark side to these rules...shrug. Just my 2 cents.

I hate to speak out like this, but like having rules like that on games are kind of pointless. Who is going to follow them? Who is going to report the violations? I dont think that any member or leader of this club should be allowed to tell people how they are going to game. This club is to provide fun for those who game, not teaching everyone to game a specific way..

Who decided to create a rules of engagement and who wrote it up? It looks like the person who made it has never really played JO/JA/JK MP cuz most of those rules are useless... and then to tell people that if they don't follow them they can get in shit? That's just stupid.

It should be up to the Order Leaders to set guidelines for platforms specific to their Orders. I know anyone can play or do anything now, but platforms still fall under certain Orders and should imo.

I know the rules dont apply out of DB turf. But I still think that its the membership that should have decided on that, like by a poll or something. Because we are the ones gaming the most. Yes the order leaders decide on whats best for the order, but gaming rules has nothing to do with the order if you ask me. Gaming rules should be left to the people gaming to decide on. If this would have been decided via a poll than a decision by 4 people it wouldent bug me so much. I mean, I'm not saying this wouldent clean up some of the stuff that happens in games. But really the only people that hold dishonor in a battle are either newbies or sucky people. The DB has both, but the newbies learn and the sucky people get pwned for there actions. In the old JK days house Dinaari was like, the best in my opinion. The reason is because we had to deal with hackers, cheators and lamers all the time. But we delt with it and learned to out do them. With rules to where everyone cant do as they please, it kind of doesnt teach you anything other than to fear whats going to happen if the rules are not followed. I dunno if your seeing where I am coming from, but the main issue is that I know I disagree with the way this was brought about.

If you played JO, then I assume you're familiar with the move normally called, "Red death from above," or rdfa. It was basically the overhand jumping attack while in red stance, which could oftentimes kill in one hit if it landed.

That said, oftentimes in games, people would do this move over and over without ever doing anything else, because they figured all they had to do was land one to kill the other person. People also did this oftentimes with the blue lunge attack. This is "spamming" a move - doing one move over and over without doing anything else. And yes, if you were decent at JO, it was easy to avoid these moves and kill the person while they were recovering from the move - but it's annoying nonetheless, and takes pretty much no skill.


I don't know what "spamming moves" are, probably half the DB will not know it either.

MP - We ALWAYS played to 5 points unless agreed upon otherwise. For competitions hosted by me, this will stay the same. You are also free to use health and shields in saber matches if you play on a map having those, unless you agree before the game not to.

I'll have a detailed set of differing rules up for the Tuesday Showdown, Thursday Bash and probably the GMRG Night asap. If you play for bigger MP comps in my events, you will have to follow the rules from the Marshall though, or the game will only count for my stuff. :o)

a) Those rules have been drawn up by the Order Leaders.
b) Flech, you understood it quite right. Of course you may agree on "Saber out - no attack" before the game (or anything else). The only drawback is that you can't officially complain if somebody kills you while you have your saber disengaged. Fusion, those rules are to bring multiplayer gaming to a common base and ensure a safe and fair gaming environment. If you play just for fun somewhere, you're not bound to them.

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