Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Well well well will the wonders never cease yours truly an AED and now its all official like. Its true CoFo made it all official like.

First off I would like to thank Aari for all of her work as AED, I believe she had held the position since I entered the DJB. So everyone give Aari a round of applause and a round of drinks.

Well its been a slow week around Gladius with the GJW starting up again, keep an eye out a little birdie tells me that it should be starting today or tomorrow.

Kudus to Kidouses on his Grand Cross, and to me on getting a Crescent with Sapphire Star.

I would like to remind people that there are lots of Shadow Academy courses that are just asking to be taken. Especially for all you folks not yet Protectors, taking SA courses is a great way to get a few quick and easy promotions.

As the new AED for Gladius I want to let everyone know my door is always open unless it is closed. If you need me for some reason feel free to drop me an email, or jump on IRC and find me there. If all else fails you can always go out and get Star Wars Galaxies and find me there. You can get a free 14 trial for the game, well if you have a high-speed connection anyway since the download is about a gig and a half. But I encourage everyone to give the game a shot, just let me know I can hook you up with some nice stuff. The DBPA is located on the Scylla server by the way.

Sorry but the Baron part of me is hard to keep quite.

On another AED note I have all sorts of buttons I can push (a few that not even our fearless QUA, or for that matter CON have) so let us see how many of them you guys can make me push. With the GJW going on Anshar and myself are looking forward to pushing the reward buttons you just have to give us a reason to.

Odd Fact of the Week:

I can balance a swoop bike on my head if you don't believe me I have pictures.

KAP Spears Tarentae (Krath)/BAR-P:HM-AED/Gladius of Tarentum [PA: BAR-E]




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