Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Well hey guys. Short report this week, just covering a few major points and saying "hi." :P

Shadonyx covered most of the main points for this week in his report (here) it contains

the House News, Promotions and Medals for the last week. <p> First item is mainly that I have a new e-mail because my old e-mail server wasn't receiving

mails from the DB site which is definitely not good. So, courtesy of our beloved Belzy :P, my

new e-mail address is I hope you

appreciate my sense of humor :D. <p> In other news, the Dark Voice has been released (Dark Voice), complete

with the results of the first chapter of the Great Jedi War. And, unfortunately Taldryan is

second, behind Arcona by 9 points! I know you guys can do better than that, we need to win

this thing! Thankfully it's not that many points, but Tarentum is closer than we'd like to

think with 144 points behind. <p>** Scores for Chapter I: <p> <b>Arcona: 2033

Taldryan: 2024

Tarentum: 1880

CSK: 1755

CNS: 1612

CSP: 948

Exar Kun: 898 <p /></b> This is good, but most definitely not the best we can do, so when the next chapter starts I

want all of you to get out there and submit! <p> From Ekky itself I have tallied up the scores from those that submitted and here are

individual scores, as well as percentages out of the scores of the Clan (minus the runon): <p><b> Dark Sabre- 203

NexusMage- 108

Tiberius- 65

Quarmador- 54

chaosrain- 30

Apoc- 18

Shups- 10</b> <p>And then everyone who participated in the runon...<p> Dark Sabre





Apoc, and

Curunir, all of whom contributed to the 476 points the Clan earned in that event.

<p>For those who placed in the top 10 for different events I'd like to recognize: <p> <b>NexusMage</b> who placed first in the Interrogation event!

<b>Quarmador</b> for placing sixth and <b>Apoc</b> tenth in the XvT event!

<b>Tiberius</b> for placing fifth in the Graphics event!<p> Congratulations to all who participated and earned points for the Clan, those who didn't, you

better this time around...<p> <b>Ekky Margana</b> <p> Here it is again! Last week's answer was "irks" made up of the italicized Kir and the S in my

ID Line. Only Curunir was sharp enough to catch it, and he will be earning last report's

Topaz crescent, and since there was no second, 1 point goes into the random pot and if this trend continues, a random

member may receive a crescent. <p> This week's word will not be imbedded in text. <b>But</b>, you will have to figure out which

letter must be removed. <p>The word is "douche." One hint, it relates to the opposite sex that

does not perform this action's genitals. <p> Until next time... cya. <p>
<b> Krath Priest Dark Sabre, Aedile of House Ektrosis<p> <b> KP Dark Sabre (Krath)/AED/Ektrosis of Taldryan [GMRG: GLD] [ACC: JUD]


{SA: U:TL-U:TW-U:TE-G:LS-G:IRC-G:ICQ-G:HTML1-K:CORE-K:GS-K:POET-O:CORE} </b></p></b></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>**</p></p></p>

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