Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Dark greetings people !

Well this week has been a little easy and a few problems showed up ! First the GJW will end in a two (one) day so lets get the last moment submissions in ;P Second thing is that I'll be on a leave next week so you won't see me :( . Third, our site is down do to some conflicts between ASP and PHP so we will have to wait till we get an ASP server !

Well that's all for this week (short eh ?) . Well activity people ! ACTIVITY ! Be active c'mon :P

Medals : O ! 0 ! Zero !

Promos : Nothing yet !

Roster :

Name ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Rank

Zekk ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Prelate

Scorpio_Sith ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Jedi Hunter

Shiva ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Protector

windos ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ matrix Protector

im2ez4u ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Acolyte

Frosty ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Acolyte

Well that's all :P Enjoy :P


  Your Bof Sergeant  

                                                                      2265 OP X-Pilot out .         

OP X-Pilot (Obelisk)/SGT/Cestus of Tarentum [GMRG: GDM] [ACC: SKR]



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