Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Marka Ragnos Aedile Report 2


Crickets Chirp

Yeah. That much has been going on. The big news this week is that we finally have a new recruit! Silver Raven joined up not long ago. I expect an envoy has been appointed already. If not, both of youse better email me and we'll sort it out.

The notsoGreat Jedi War phase II ends tonight at the strike of midnight. Last minute submissions would greatly impact our score as a clan. Go do it. menaces with weird Beowulf weapon found underneath his desk

Other than that, Manji and Korras are on LoA's, and I think Tiss is back from her's now. Here comes the obligatory stuff...

Promotions: none

Decorations: none

Shadow Academy: none

Deaths: none

New Competitions: Testing your Limits (Fiction ): Report a serious encounter when you had to test your limits, of your combat prowess, of your intelligence, of your physical endurance, of your sanity. How did you get there? How did it happen? How did you manage to survive? How do you deal with what happened now that it is over? [12 pt TNR single spaced, no minimum requirements]

Running Today (23 July 04) through to 23 August 04.


A very quiet week for this house, if you ask me. Everyone needs to get out there and try to win a few more points for Naga Sadow for this phase. I sincerely hope that the next few phases are... engaging enough to warrant extreme levels of Naga Sadow pwnage.

Let the Beatings Commence!

KP Muz Ashen (Krath)/AED/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow

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