Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Dinaari Aedile Report

So chapter 2 is over, with chapter 3 starting "soon". If the whole point of the GJW was participation was participation, we won. Yay, go us, etc. Now all we can do is hope at least a few of us actually tried to make our gfx/fiction submissions good (I know I didn't. Email me if you want some proof) and get a few placings.


Competition Site:

(Weekly CF Things)

"Moonelf's Quest" - Monday 3:00 PM EST in #gmrg

"Tuesday Showdown" - Tuesday 2:00 PM EST in #gmrg

(This spot is for Wednesdays)

"Thursday Night Bash" - Thursday 4:00 PM EST in #obelisk (Guns only)

"Battle of Antei" - Friday 10:00 AM EST in #sith

"Celestial Fury" - Saturday in #outerrim (

"Space Jam" - Sunday 1:00 PM EST in #sith

(All channels are on Undernet)

Chapter 2 is over, some nice looking participation numbers have been sent by email (


Jerec joined

Awards, etc.

Dask_k - 1 CF


Too tired to think of a good closing.

OT Pimp Benevolent Whiner (Obelisk)/AED/Dinaari of Taldryan



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