Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Alright, another report from your favorite Tetrarch. If you all did not get my many e-mails, then it would be good to let you know that the end of Chapter 2 was Friday at midnight. Personally, I had to work my bunghole off since I submitted all of the Fiction/Poetry/Graphic stuff in the last 24 hour period. Tally's doing great participation-wise so far. I went to a 5 dollar concert last night and it wasn't too bad (Dennis DeYoung former lead singer of Styx). Not too much else happening. You all need to get on mIRC, if you don't know how then go to the Shadow Academy and take the IRC Basics course, or if you're too lazy to, then just e-mail me...

GJW News

-Chapter 2 has just ended and so far Tally's numero uno in participation. Let's just hope we win a few of the sections and it should be cool.

DJB News

-Don't forget about the July KMT's

  • Epic competition:

-Breaking News: Are the Sith "Sissies"? =P

Ektrosis News

-So far, Dark Sabre has had the most participation in Tally for the GJW. Everybody heckle him with E-mails. =P

Hex News

-Saruman has been sent out of Hex, sorry to see you leave but if you ever decide to get active again you'll always be welcome here.

-Morgan Delano has joined Hex so everyone welcome her. She's already had great participation in the GJW and from what I've seen from her so far, I believe that she will turn out to be a solid member of the DB.

-I'm really proud of those of you that participated in the GJW. As for the rest, well, you all suck =P

-I've slowly gotten back on track and am currently compiling an archive of some Hex pre-split things that Malevolence sent me. If you all would like to see them then just send me an e-mail.

-I'm also thinking about making a website for Hex, and frankly, I suck at making websites, so if anyone out there is good just send me an e-mail and you will get rewarded for a good job. If no one e-mails me, then I'll just have to learn a bit more HTML and PHP and hope it works out.


ChaosRain: GJW (Battlescene, Gather) and a bit of mIRC.

Morgan Delano: GJW, (Gather, Incursion, Vitriol) E-mail, she completed the IRC basics course, the Krath Grammar Studies, and she completed the Krath CORE! Very Nice. =P

Tiberius Claudius Germanicus Tang'va: GJW (Incursion, Vitriol, Battlescene, JAx2, and is currently participating in 9 ACC matches!!!) and a little mIRC.

Fet'ai'narun: a little mIRC

Sule: E-mail


-Morgan Delano has been promoted to Acolyte. Way to go, Morgan.


-Tiberius got 4 Legion of the Scholar awards for sending in over 70 trivia questions. Nicely done, Tib.

-Morgan Delano completed the IRC Basics, Krath CORE, and Krath Grammar Studies courses in the Shadow Academy...if only all of you were this active... =P

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